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Did you know that La Voz Bilingual Newspaper has posted 10,325 photos since March 2010amd received 304,060 views? You or a family member might appear here! Scroll down to see more community events.

Luz NavarretteLuz Navarrette's retirement party at Bertolini Student Center, SRJC, on April 12, 2014. Click here for photos by Ani Weaver.

Dr. Ellie Galvez' SSU ClassFrom Ellie Galvez of Sonoma State University: Thanks Ani Weaver for visiting my class this afternoon. My Education 295-CIP (Community Involvement Project)
is an undergraduate course students can repeat up to four semesters. They read and reflected on an article they chose from this newspaper. La Voz only highlights the positive issues and people in the bilingual community and
also presents both sides on controversial issues. Ani and I were amazed by the response students brought. Our next step is for them to have an article written to be published about their own community work. I love my job experiences with awesome students that promise so much! Click here to see more photos by Ani Weaver.

Black Chamber of Commerce EventClick here to see more photos by Ani Weaver of the Black Chamber of Commerce's Special event. Great music, dance and terriffic food.

Hispanic chamber MixerSonoma County Hispanic Chamber Mixer was held at CPI, California Parenting Institute. Click here to see a few photos of the event.

Shirlee Zane and Eduardo VasquezShirlee Zane and friends celebrated on St.Patrick's Day. Here she is with our Person of the Month for April 2014, Eduardo Vasquez. Click here for more photos of the event by Ani Weaver.

Jenny ChamberlainMarcos SuarezJoanna PulidoEduardo Vasquez
Two great events this week: Very First Latino Leaders at SSU Club Fundraiser! at Agave Restaurant & Bar, March 4, 2014, and the Hispanic Chamber Young Professionals March Fiesta Mixer at Flipside Steakhouse and Sportsbar, March 6, 2014. Click here to see the photos of the very enthusiastic, articulate, focused and committed young people of our community who attended these two mixers. (And some old folks too!). And while you're at it, check out the La Voz Bilingual Newspaper Facebook page, please "like," and become a member of the group, La Voz Bilingual Newspaper Fans to receive the latest news and job announcements.

Bellevue School Opera a la CarteOpera a la Carte: Bellevue School students participate in a performance of Rossini's The Barber of Seville. Opera singers from the San Francisco Opera took the leads. The professional singers are: of course, the one in the dress is the soprano playing the part of Rosina, her name is Maya Kherani; The gentleman in white shirt, red sash, black pants (he does change costumes two times) is playing the part of Count Almaviva, he is the Tenor and his name is Michael Desnoyers. In the tan pants, (he is bald) is playing the part of Figaro, his name is Mark Hernandez. The pianist is Baker Peeples. Click here to see more photos by Owen Scott Shirwo, La Voz Bilingual Newspaper staff photographer. Owen can be reached at 707 539-3940.

Photo GalleryPhoto gallery of the 2014 SRJC HEP GED program graduates. Click here to read a PDF of the story, "Enedina Vera and the SRJC HEP Program. The pursuit of the High School Equivalency Certificate attracts people from all parts of Latin Amer ica who have immigrated to Sonoma County as well as local folks. Some have college degrees from their home countries but wish to be competent in American core subjects or wish to fill in the gaps
in their higher education creden-tials. Others are parents who wish to set an example to their children. Click here to see the photos of the graduates by Michael Amsler. Please add comments if you know these great folks, especially their names!

Photo GalleryPhoto gallery of the 2014 SRJC HEP GED program graduation ceremonies. In 2013 SRJC started up its HEP
Program. HEP, (High School Equivalency Program), is one of fifty federally funded education programs nationwide designed to assist seasonal agricultural farmworkers and their family members in obtaining high school diplomas (GED). HEP also helps students prepare to move on to higher levels of education or training and into more stable and better paid jobs. HEP’s program director at SRJC, Cathy Wilson (right), Beatriz Camargo (left) is its program coordinator. Click here to see the photos of the ceremony and the speaker by Michael Amsler.

SRJC HEP FamiliesPhoto gallery of the families and supporters
of the SRJC HEP 2014 graduates.

Click here
to see the photos by Michael Amsler. So many proud family members and friends. The young ones are next!

Mary Biggs-Redwood Empire IndustriesPerson of the Month
for January 2014: Mary Biggs and Redwood Empire Industries.

"Each person matters in our community," says Mary. Click here for the heart-warming photos of Mary Biggs working with her intellectually challenged clients by Owen Scott Shirwo, La Voz Bilingual Newspaper staff photographer. Owen can be reached at 707 539-3940. Click here to read the story by Craig Davis in English y en español.

Timothy D. Morse, Sr.La Voz was given some sad news recently, former publisher, Timothy D. Morse, Sr. (Santa Rosa Printing) passed away. He has taught us a lot in the printing industry and touched a lot of people with his charm and charisma, as well as being the idea man behind La Voz Bilingual Newspaper. Rest in Peace, Tim. Click here to read Tim's memorium in the December, 2013 issue of La Voz.

Herman J. HernandezLos Cien Sonoma County Latino Leaders "Now is our time" commemorating it's 4th Year Anniversary Celebration, October 16,2013, 5:30- 7:30 at the Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa. Keynote speaker was Raquel F. Donoso, CEO Latino Community Foundaton of San Francisco. What an exciting night! the Latino Leaders of SSU also participated at the event. Thank you Herman Hernandez (Founder of Latino Leaders of Sonoma County) and Gerardo Martin (Latino Leaders of Napa) For recognizing the Latino Leaders at Sonoma State University before everyone at the event tonight. Click here to see photos of the event by Owen Scott Shirwo, La Voz Bilingual Newspaper staff photographer. Owen can be reached at 707 539-3940. Pictured above are Herman J. Hernandez and Geof Syphers, CEO of Sonoma Clean Power.

Fiesta de IndependenciaFiesta de Independencia held at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts in September, 2013. Celebrate Mexican Iindependence Day with food, dance, entertainment and activities for the whole famil. Click here to see photos of the event by Owen Scott Shirwo, La Voz Bilingual Newspaper staff photographer. Owen can be reached at 707 539-3940.

Davis Hawn and BoosterA service dog is the key to independence for many disabled people. Beyond opening doors and flicking light switches, dogs offer companionship and emotional support. Since the service dog concept was founded by Bonita Bergin in 1975, the use of service dogs has spread around the United States and the world. After visiting Cuba in 2011, Bergin University of Canine Studies master student Davis Hawn, (at left) was inspired to bring service dogs to the people of Cuba. With the help of Beatriz de la Osa, (right) a Bergin student from Cuba, the creation of the first Cuban Assistance Dog training facility is underway. It will be called The Booster Center, in honor of Hawn’s yellow Labrador retriever, Booster (with the eye glasses). Click here to see the Flickr photo site for the Bergin Summer 2013 Program Graduation. Click here to read "Diplomatic Service Dog Opens Doors in Cuba and fetches Cuban Student" or "Perro de servicio diplomático abre puertas en Cuba y va a buscar a estudiante cubana"

Aurelio Hurtado

Aurelio Hurtado’s life has been a long march for farmworker’s rights and for those that are underrepresented and consequently disadvantaged. He marched alongside Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta and campaigned for Bobby Kennedy. He joined the Native Americans and African-Americans in a quest for justice and helped found the California Human Development Corporation (CHD), a beacon of hope for the poorest of the poor; the immigrant artists of this beautiful landscape we call the North Bay. After 45 years of working for farmworker’s rights through CHD, Aurelio Hurtado retired this past June, leaving a legacy of service that empowers and inspires. We sat down with him to get a glimpse of the man behind the legend.
Click here
to see more photos and to read the article on Aurelio Hurtado.

REFB Summer Lunch Program
REFB’s Hunger-Free Summer Lunch Program
The REFB Hunger-Free Summer Lunch program kicked off at several sites around the county. Each year REFB helps fill the hunger gap by providing free lunch at 46 Sonoma County locations from June 3 through August 9. This year REFB partnered with Champions for Change –Power Play!, the Center for Well-Being and WHOA Farms to provide fun physical activities, nutrition education and freshly picked organic food for participants. At a recent Santa Rosa kick-off event, City Councilwoman Julie Combs read aloud from the children’s book Potter the Otter about an otter who loves to drink water. Lunch is available for all children ages 18 and under, Monday–Friday during lunchtime hours specified per site. Some sites offer breakfast as well. Click here to read more about the summer lunch program and to find locations.
Click here
to see more photos on our gallery.

RUP Portfolio Day
On Friday, May 24th Roseland University Prep High School in Santa Rosa held Portfolio Day, an inspiring end-of-the-year event that we all look forward to. I was honored to be a panelist. Please click here to see great photos of the students, teachers and panelists. If you know the name of the person in the photo, please don’t hesitate to add it, and give your comments on how the day went for you or the event in general—Ani Weaver
On Portfolio Day, students have the opportunity to present themselves in a professional manner to people they may otherwise not have the opportunity to meet.   Having the confidence to do so will serve them well as young college students and up-and-coming young professionals. Each panel consisted of community members and teachers. Students gave oral presentations to groups of panelists in small classroom settings. Panelists gave feedback on students’ oral presentations and overall presentation skills.

Vamos a Nadar
Vamos a Nadar (Let's Go Swimming) returns for its 10th year! This free bilingual program includes swim classes in the pool for children, water safety lectures for parents, and demonstration of lifesaving techniques. Upon completion of the class, children will receive coupons for a two-week course of swim lessons. Click here to see the schedule and learn more about the program.

KBBF Board of Directors
KBBF Mesa Directiva/ Board of Directors: Dr. Ron Lopez, Ph.D., Laura Arreguin, David Janda, Malinalli Lopez, Alicia Sanchez, Josué Lopez, Santos Molina, Michaele Morales, Maria Mendoza, Carlos Lopez
Happy 40th Anniversary KBBF! On May 31, 2013, our nation celebrates the 40th anniversary of a historic event; the birth of its first public bilingual radio station, our very own gem, KBBF 89.1 FM. The radio station started out as the dream of a few idealists, among them a farm worker, a lawyer, a housewife, a professor and a college student who recognized the need for social change and advocacy in the Latino community. For the last 40 years, KBBF 89.1FM has served the community with information, education, commentary and culturally diverse music within a bilingual format. There have been bumps along the road that have served to highlight KBBF’s resilience, strength and dedication to their mission. Click here to read their story. See 208 photos on the La Voz Flicker site of KBBF for the past 40 years—Click here!

Maria de los AngelesClick here to see Maria's paintings on the
La Voz Flickr site.

We have followed the story of Maria de Los Angeles Cornejo since her days at Santa Rosa Junior College and rallied behind her as she raised funds to meet her scholarship obligation to the prestigious Pratt Institute of Art & Design. See her website We saw her succeed at Pratt and enjoyed her summer exhibits here at home. On May 14, Maria de Los Angeles will be graduating from Pratt Institute and heading off to Yale University for her masters in fine arts degree. The journey hasn’t been without its share of drama. In February of this year, Maria de Los Angeles along with 34 other seniors, lost all of her work in a raging fire that destroyed several studios in the school’s historic Main Building. Click here to read her story and Artist's Statement.

ExploratoriumOn April 17, 2013, the Exploratorium opened at Pier 15 at the heart of the revitalized San Francisco waterfront radically improving access to visitors from all over the world and dramatically enhancing the size and scope of the museum. With three times more space overall than its previous home, the new Exploratorium will engage the curiosity and creativity of visitors of any age as they explore 150 brand-new exhibits amongst more than 600 that will be on view. For the first time, the Exploratorium expands its investigations into the bay, city, and outdoor landscape. Click here to see 196 photos on the La Voz Flickr site. You'll want to go! Click here to read abaout the SF Exploratorium Opening.

Expanding your Horizons Science Conference for GirlsClick here to see photos by Mathew Canniff
Girls Expanding Their Horizons! Each spring, the Sonoma County EYH (Expanding Your Horizons) Chapter holds a free annual conference for 7th and 8th grade students from Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino Counties. Click here to read about science conference for girls in Spanish. Girls Expanding Their Horizons!

Nenita and Lila The Robles Family
Lila Cuevas and Nenita Tapia
(left) and Josefina, Paco and Benjamin Robles (right)
Nenita Tapia and Paco Robles are happy and thriving. They both have Down Syndrome and make use of the various services and resources for the developmentally disabled in our community. There are sports teams, art programs, transitioning services, vacations, transportation, employment services and much more. Contact North Bay Regional Center for more information regarding resources. Click herefor beautiful photos of Nenita and Paco by Ruth Gonzalez and Mathew Canniff.
Click here to read story of Living with Disabilities and Thriving: Nenita Tapia and Paco Robles. Also available as a PDF, click here.

After 43 years, San Francisco’s famous interactive museum is closing up shop at the Palace of Fine Arts to move to Pier 15 on the Embarcadero. To kick off the move the museum decided to take their show on the road. On Sunday March 10th, “On the Road” events were held across San Francisco at the Embarcadero, the Bayview District, and at the Buena Vista Horace Mann School in the Mission. Click here for more photos by Craig Davis.

Click here to read story by Craig Davis, On the Move: SF Exploratorium takes Road Show to the Mission

Cecilia Bartoli Opera Fan? Click here for photos by Ani Weaver of Cecilia Bartoli taken in 2005 at a concert at Zellerbach Hall in Berkeley, California. Click here for Cecilia's story from the November 2005 issue of La Voz. Thinking of a career as an Opera singer? Click here to read La Voz' story about Lisette Oropesa, 33, American soprano and daughter of Cuban emigrants who made her SF Opera debut in December 2011.

Sonoma County AgropreneurshipEmely Hernández’ dreams are coming true because she has given herself permission to dream. If you dream of having your own business in agriculture or ranching, consider enrolling in the Sonoma County AGROpreneurship Program. Classes begin May 17, 2013. Apply online Bilingual and/or under-represented individuals are highly encouraged to apply. The Program Includes:
• Customized business training and farming/ranching practices.
• Classes – Fridays twice a month at Shone Farm.
• Field Days – Saturdays once a month at farms.
• Completing a business plan with support from SBDC counselors.
• Work experience opportunities through SRJC.
• Access to affordable farmland and other resources. Click here to read Emely's story.

Sonoma County 4HSonoma County 4H invites Latinos "To Make Their Best, Better". A recent study showed that youth engaged with 4H are:Nearly two times more likely to get better grades in school;Nearly two times more likely to plan to go to college; 41 percent less likely to engage in risky behaviors; and 25 percent more likely to positively contribute to their families and communities. Please call 707 565.2621 for more information. Joining 4-H is a three step process for adults wishing to volunteer. You must complete enrollment paperwork, attend an orientation, and complete a Livescan. If you would like information mailed to you, send an email to Please include your name, address, and telephone number. Click here to read more about 4H in the February 2013 issue of La Voz. For Ruth Gonzalez' photos of the Olivares family, click here.

Alexis VargasClick here to see photos of Alexis and friends on the La Voz Photo Gallery site. Click here for Alexis' story in HIGH resolution (larger file). Click here to read Alexis' story in LOW resolution (smaller file).
Alexis Vargas Needs Our Help!
Alexis Vargas and her cousin Cristina Garcia
were involved in a tragic accident over the holidays. Cristina lost her mother and is undergoing operations in a Texas hospital. Alexis is stranded in a Mexican hospital with serious injuries and mounting medical bills. Our community is trying to raise funds to help Alexis pay her bills in Mexico and get back home. Alexis Vargas is a Peer Leader, Tae Kwon Do Red-belt, varsity cheerleader and dancer at Elsie Allen High School. She is enrolled in the University Program and aspires to be a television broadcaster. You may donate funds to Redwood Credit Union Account #192288 under Gabriel Vargas. Please check back for upcoming fundraisers. Click here for her story in HIGH resolution. Click here to see it in LOW.

Bernstein Orthodontics See photos of Smile For A Lifetime Foundation recipients and the Bernstein Orthodontics Team. Dr. Rael Bernstein of Bernstein Orthodontics is kicking off the local chapter of Smile For A Lifetime Foundation. A funny story, a sweet reflection; a favorite song, the face of a friend–these are all events that instinctively brighten our mood and make us smile. Most of us don’t have to think about it. We express our joy as it comes. The way it was meant to be. Smiles are taken for granted. Yet there are thousands of children in the United States that fight their expression of joy every day because opening their mouth is too embarrassing and stressful. Their hands rush to their face at the first hint of a smile. Photographs are dreaded and before the click of a camera their well-trained lips form a tightlipped grimace. These children are in desperate need of orthodontic care but cannot afford the cost of
braces and treatment. Children in Sonoma County
now have an opportunity to get their smile back at no cost.For more information read our story on page 5 of our January 2013 issue (low res, smaller file) or read story in high resolution (larger file), or visit Bernstein Orthontics online at

CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE INDEX for 2012, 2011 and 2010.

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Environmental Discovery Center Open House. Spring Lake Regional Park, Santa Rosa. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, April 26
Celebrate Earth Day and Dia de los Ninos with free fun for families at the Environmental Discovery Center at Spring Lake Regional Park in Santa Rosa. Kids are invited to make crafts with the Discovery Center's naturalists and explore the Discovery Center's tidepool and other hands-on exhibits. Kids can hold sea stars and take a trip "Down the Drain" and learn where our water goes. Families can join a naturalist on a Spanish-language hike into the park to learn more about its plants and wildlife. There will also be face-painting, storytelling and other activities and radio station Exitos 98.7 FM. The Environmental Discovery Center is just inside the park's Violetti Road entrance. Parking is $7 or free for Regional Parks members.

Sonoma County Regional Parks presents Parks Celebration 2014, dozens of FREE outdoor adventures through Memorial Day, May 26. Parks Celebration marks the arrival of spring and “parks season.” During Parks Celebration, you can experience favorite parks in new ways or explore parks you haven't visited before. Many of the events are perfect for families, and all of them are free! Read more for list of events...

Flamenco Arts classes
Session ends May 3, 2014. FlamencoArts Co. LLC, Santa Rosa. Since 1998 FlamencoArts has taught classes in Flamenco Dance, Guitar and Singing at beginning through professional levels. Teachers include Director Elena Marlowe, Robin Brown, Teresa la Filigrana, Irene Sohm. Classes are offered Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. Classes are held at Flamenco Arts studios, 2337 Fourth St., Santa Rosa, 707 544-0909 /

CLICK on the titles below to read features in English and Spanish from recent issues.

Herman Hernandez, Person of the Month from the November, 2013 issue. Read more...

Richard Ortiz, el Personaje del Mes, El trabajo que realizo en la comunidad es una extensión de mis principios básicos con los que vivo y son: Creo que las comunidades tienen la fortaleza de acuerdo a la compasión que se demuestra por aquellas personas que son menos afortunadas que la mayoría. Haga clic aquí.

Richard Ortiz, Person of the Month, “My community work is an extension of my basic principles that I live by as follows: I believe that communities are only as strong as the compassion it shows for those who are less fortunate than the majority”. Read more...

The Four Cornerstones of Business Success / Mary Luttrell, ISO-Certified Management Consultant / Consultora de Administración Certificada por ISO
Introduction (November 2013)
First Cornerstone: Purpose / La primera base: El Propósito (December 2013)
Second Cornerstone: Strategies / El Segundo Fundamento: Las Estrategias (January 2014) Third Cornerstone: Skills / La tercera Base: Las Habilidades (February 2014)

Leadership: “Whether You Want To or Not” / Liderazgo:“Si usted quiere o no quiere” Mary Luttrell, ISO-Certified Management Consultant / Consultora de Administración Certificada por ISO

COPE: Preparación para desastres en su vecindario / COPE: disaster preparedness in your neighborhood

• Aurelio Hurtado Retires
• Immigration: Sponsoring a relative, pt 3
• REFB Free Summer Lunch Program
• Lorena Ochoa
• Latina Women’s Conference, pt 2
• Health: Project True Anti-tobacco
• Stimulating Summer Activities
• First 5: Reading for fun!
• Richard Diebenkorn paintings at de Young
• Rose Mandel photos at SF de Young
• Red Cross Tips to stay safe in the heat
• FIREWORKS! Locations & pet safety for July 4th weekend

• Sex Trafficking: It's Everyone's Problem
• Sebastopol Steinway and the Piano Man • Vamos a Nadar (Let's Go Swimming)
• Davis Hawn and Booster the Service Dog
• Maria de Los Angeles Cornejo. Click here to see Maria's paintings on the La Voz Flickr site.
• SF Exploratorium Opening

Happy Birthday La Voz!
Celebrating 11 years in print!
Click here to read Click here to read Craig Davis' history of La Voz— since 2001!

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The Errand of the Eye: Photographs by Rose Mandel at the de Young Museum
June 22–October 13, 2013

Rose Mandel

Click here to see more photos of by Rose Mandel. The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco are pleased to announce The Errand of the Eye: Photographs by Rose Mandel, the first full assessment of this dynamic artist. From the late 1940s through the early 1970s, RoseMandel produced an original and poignant body of photographs, working closely with and among many of the Bay Area’s best-known artists including Richard Diebenkorn, Elmer Bischoff, Ansel Adams, and Minor White. Though lauded by her contemporaries and featured in significant exhibitions and publications during her lifetime, her work remains little known. Click here to read more about Rose Mandel and the exhibit.

Richard Diebenkorn: The Berkeley Years, 1953–1966 at the de Young Museum
June 22 – September 29, 2013

Diebenkorn Exhibit

Richard Diebenkorn: The Berkeley Years, 1953–1966, will be the first exhibition to explore in-depth the work produced by Diebenkorn between 1953 and 1966, when he lived in Berkeley, California. The presentation will include over 130 of the artist’s paintings and drawings assembled from collections across the country, many of them rarely or never before seen in public exhibitions. Diebenkorn’s engagement with the unique settings of the Bay Area, along with his personal history, ties this exhibition deeply to the region. Click here to read more about the exhibit. Click here to see more photos from the exhibit on our gallery.

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Legion of Honor Exhibit: Impressionists on the Water, June 1 through October 13, 2013

Impressionists on the Water

The Legion of Honor's big summer show, highlights
the Impressionists’ and Post-Impressionists’ love
affair with the rivers and seashore of France, and
with the fashionable new pursuit of yachting. It
features paintings, works on paper – and 19th
century boat models. We explore the sparkling
world of leisure and yacht racing at Argenteuil,
outside Paris, and discover how artists like Monet, Renoir, Caillbotte and Toulouse-Lautrec responded
in radical ways to themes of water and sailing in their work. You will have to go to the museum to see the paintings in their entirety, this is just a taste. The people shown are leading the press preview which
La Voz attended. Please comment on the photos, people in the photos and your impression of our impression of the Impressionists...
Click here to read: Impressionists on the Water, article by the Legion of Honor Museum on the exhibit and more photos of the paintings.
Click here to see these photos by Ani Weaver, vignettes and close ups.

A 15th-century stone sculpture created in Mexico of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl from the exhibit; Objects of Belief from the Vatican: Art of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas at the de Young Museum. February 9–September 8, 2013
Click here
to see a preview of the exhibit in the
La Voz Photo Gallery. Or visit

From the vast holdings of the Vatican Ethnological Museum, the de Young will display 39 rarely seen works from Africa, Oceania, and the Americas that reflect indigenous religious cultures.

Rudolph Nureyev: A Life in Dance
Click here
to see photos from the exhibit in the La Voz Photo Gallery.

Rudolph Nureyev

Girl with a Pearl Earring: Dutch Paintings
from the Mauritshuis - at the De Young Museum in San Francisco. Exhibit runs from
January 26 - June 2, 2013
. Click here to see a preview of the exhibit in the La Voz Photo Gallery. Or go to for more information.

Girl with a Pearl Earring
Johannes Vermeer's enigmatic Girl with a Pearl Earring has intrigued art lovers for centuries. See this masterpiece and more than 30 others by artists of the Dutch Golden Age including Rembrandt, Hals, and Steen;from the collection of the Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis in this exclusive West Coast presentation at San Francisco's de Young Museum.

Danny Lyon Photographer
Click here to see selections from "This World is Not My Home: Photographs by Danny Lyon" which was at at the De Young Museum through January 27, 2013. La Voz saw this exhibit and thought it was valuable enough to feature on our website. La Voz encourages it's readers to Google Danny Lyon and read about his amazing ability to capture live with his camera.

William S. Paley Collection
Click here to see selections from The William S. Paley Collection: A Taste for Modernism, last year at the deYoung Museum in SF.

El Museo de Arte Moderno de San Francisco (SFMOMA) Cindy Sherman, Photographer and “Stage Presence”

Cindy Sherman
Cindy Sherman, Untitled #465, 2008; chromogenic
color print; 63 3/4” x 57 1/4" courtesy the artist and Metro Pictures, New York; © 2012 Cindy Sherman. Uno de los Retratos de la Sociedad* de Shermans/ One of Sherman’s Society Portraits

Click here for fabulous Cindy Sherman images. La Voz attended her show and we were really impressed with her photographs and talent! Click here for a downloadable PDF which is a transcript of the audioscript for the SFMOMA show. Read about what the curators have to say about the photographs.

Cindy Sherman, con una retrospectiva viajera de una de las artistas contemporáneas más importantes y posiblemente una de las que han tenido mayor influencia trabajando exclusivamente con la fotografía. Durante 30 años, Sherman se ha fotografiado asimisma bajo un amplio rango de apariencias y personajes que se convierten en fascinantes e inquietantes, desagradables y conmovedores.
Cindy Sherman, a traveling retrospective of one of the most significant contemporary artists and arguably the most influential one working exclusively with photography. For thirty years, Sherman has photographed herself in a range of guises and personas that are by turns amusing and disturbing, distasteful
and affecting.

Stage Presence SFMOMA
© James Coleman, Photograph (still), 1998–99; projected images with synchronized audio narration, 20 minutes.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) blurred the line between fine arts and performing arts with its exhibition Stage Presence: Theatricality in Art and Media, which ended in October, 2012. Organized by Curator of Media Arts Rudolf Frieling, the exhibition presents works in a variety of media and features a series of performances that explore the influence of theater, dance, and performance in contemporary art.
Stage Presence gathered three decades of works by 40 artists including some key works from the SFMOMA media arts collection, all of which embrace theatricality in contemporary art practice. Exuberant manifestations of the “stage” emerge, such as beauty pageants; a dance troupe in post-punk London; artists dressed as a bear and a rat walking through the Swiss Alps; and a family occupying in-store Ikea model rooms. Some of the works are humorous and camp, while others are critical and subversive.

Man Ray Lee Miller Exhibit FAMSF
Lee Miller by Man Ray Man Ray by Lee Miller
Click here to see larger images of Lee Miller's neck by Man Ray and Man Ray's portrait by Lee Miller

Previously exhibited at the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco.
Man Ray and Lee Miller lived together in Paris from
1929 to 1932, first as teacher and student, later as
lovers, and finally as collaborators. Man Ray, already an established member of the French avant-garde, was a leading figure of the Surrealist movement— the loose association of artists and writers who rose to prominence after the First World War by making provocative combinations out of ordinary things. Miller, who was just starting her career, sought out Man Ray as a mentor. Although their time together was short, the professional and personal inspiration they shared resulted in some of the most powerful work of each artist’s career.

Renaissance Masters

The De Young Museum in San Francisco hosted the Renaissance Painters of Passion and Power from the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. Over fifty paintings by some of the most well-known Venetian painters from the sixteenth-century including Giorgione, Titian, Tintoretto, Andrea and Mantegna. These works are considered to be some of the most celebrated European art collections. The exhibit has closed but you can
click here to see close up photos and details
of the paintings
taken at the Press Preview
by Ani Weaver.

© LA VOZ.US Communications 2014
Last updated February 4, 2014

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Southwest Community Forum! Please join Community Action Partnership and the City of Santa Rosa Wednesday April 16, 6:00 pm at Cook Middle School, for an open discussion with city and county representatives to help keep our youth and community safe. Read more...

JOIN US – AT&T will be holding two-part Retail Hiring Events in which you'll be able to learn more about AT&T Retail Careers, benefits, career growth, and the application/interview process. Read more...about the online and in person events, and then, click to RSVP for both Events.

Napa County is a highly sought after employer that is currently recruiting for a Bilingual (Spanish) Senior Office Assistant. Read more...
Monthly Salary: $3,319.33 - $3,943.33. To apply, please visit: Apply by 04/25/2014!

For jobs listed below with Sonoma Co., visit for complete details, minimum qualifiations and to apply online, or phone HR at (707)565-2331. EOE

Disability Unit Manager, $83,129 - $101,058 Annually. The Risk Mgmt. Division of Human Resources is seeking a talented, experienced, self-directed professional to lead the unit.  Apply by 5/12/14!

Supervising Accountant, $73,278 - $89,078/yr. The Dept. of Health Services is seeking an experienced professional to fill one F/T vacancy in the Admin. Unit. Apply by 5/01/14!

Engineering Technician I, $20.41 - $24.81/Hr. One extra help (temporary) position  in the Survey Division of the Sonoma County Water Agency.
Apply by 05/12/2014!

Buyer, $24.82 - $30.14 Hourly. The Purchasing Division of the General Services Department is seeking a skilled professional to fill one (1) full-time Buyer vacancy. See more....

Cadastral Mapping Technician I $20.78 - $25.26/hr. One FT position  in the Assesor’s Office of the Clerk/Recorder/Assessor Department. Apply by 05/19/2014!

Insurance and Medi-Cal Billing Supervisor, $21.32 - $25.92 Hourly . The Dept. of Health Services is seeking an experienced candidate to fill one F/T vacancy. Apply by 4/28/14!

Social Service Worker III – Bilingual, $53,680 - $65,264/Annually. The Public Health Division in the Dept. of Health Services is seeking qualified bilingual candidates to fill one position for Social Service Worker III.  Apply by 4/28/14!

Park Ranger I, $21.46 - $26.08 Hourly. The Regional Parks Department seeks highly motivated and talented individuals interested in career opportunities in park management and operations. This recruitment is being conducted to fill two (2) full-time Park Ranger I positions. Filing deadline now extended! 4/23/14. See more...

Parks and Grounds Maintenance Worker II, $20.29 - $24.66 Hourly. The Regional Parks Department seeks a qualified Parks and Grounds Maintenance Worker II to work at Sonoma County Regional Parks in Spring Lake, Sonoma Valley, Central Area, and West County parks maintenance areas. The Sonoma County Regional Parks Department maintains all County parks, bike trails, certain Open Space and other landscaped areas under contract with the County, and the County Center Complex. This recruitment is being conducted to fill one (1) full-time Parks and Grounds Maintenance Worker II vacancy. Filing deadline 4/16/14. See more...

Child Support Section Manager $85,989 - $104,502/yr. The Dept. of Child Support Services is seeking an experienced Child Support professional to fillone (1) full-time vacancy. Apply by 4/22/14!

Traffic Engineer, $6,908 - $8,398/Month. One full-time position in the Department of Transportation & Public Works. Apply by 04/21/2014!

Community Development Specialist I, $19.41 - $23.59/Hour. One FT position with the Community Development Commission, helping administer funding contracts. Apply by 04/16/2014!

Behavioral Health Program Manager, $75,157-$91,353/Annually. The Dept. of Health Services is seeking skilled professionals to fill one position for Behavioral Health Program Manager. Apply by 4/17/14!

LAFCO Executive Officer $90,476 - $109,991/yr. + Bnfts. The County of Sonoma is seeking an experienced professional to serve as the next LAFCO Executive Officer. This is an excellent opportunity for an individual who enjoys the challenge of implementing and managing programs and budgets, as well as providing recommendations for improvements  and policy direction. The position requires academic background in public administration, public policy, economics, business manage-ment, finance/accounting, urban/regional planning, or a closely related area; and three years of professional level work experience with increasing responsibility in general administration, operations, or accounting/ budgetary analysis, including research, analysis, and preparation of written reports. Apply by: April 22, 2014.

Probation Officer II, $26,23 - $31.89/hr. + Bnfts. Probation Department seeks experienced, professional Probation Officers in their Adult and Juvenile Divisions. If you would like to relocate to beautiful Sonoma County, please apply today!

Sonoma County is recruiting a Nurse Practitioner/Physician’s Assistant, Part-Time, $39.16 - $47.61 /hour. Department of Health services is hiring for one part-time NP/PH for their Special Clinic Services Unit in Public Health.


NEW Spanish Job Search Workshop
offered by Sonoma County Job Link.
The workshop covers:
• Effective job search
• How to complete a paper application
• Resumes and cover letters
• Preparation for job interview
WHEN: Every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month, 9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.
Orientation in English is Monday-Friday at 1:30 p.m. Spanish orientation is every Thursday at 10:00 a.m.
Taller en Español: Obtenga Un Mejor Empleo. Sonoma County Job Link va a ofrecer un NUEVO taller en español para ayudarle a obtener un mejor empleo. Aprenda sobre lo siguiente:
• Búsqueda de empleo
• Resumes y cartas de presentación
• Llenar una solicitud de papel
• Prepararse para la entrevista
CUANDO: 1er y 3er Lunes de cada mes,
9:00 a.m. a 12:00 p.m.
La orientación en español es cada jueves a las 10:00 a.m. Las orientaciones en inglés se dan todos los días de lunes a viernes a la 1:30 p.m.
DONDE: / WHERE: Job Link
2227 Capricorn Way, Suite 100,
Santa Rosa 95407
Para más información llame al: / For more information call: (707)565-5577.

Support Wardell
Wardell Noel (left), our light warrior and long time friend of La Voz, has inoperable pancreatic cancer and needs help. Please celebrate Wardell’s life and joyful spirit. Project positive thoughts and prayers to support of his return to health and happiness. Go to, search for Wardell Noel to make donations for the alternative treatments he needs to conquer his cancer. Or contact his wife Cherelle to offer help and good wishes through La Voz Bilingual Newspaper, THANK YOU!

Wardell Noel (izquierda), nuestro guerrero por la justicia y un viejo amigo de La Voz ha sido diagnosticado con cáncer pancreático, el cual es inoperable. Wardell necesita ayuda. Por favor únase a nuestra celebración por la vida de Wardell y su gran espíritu. Ayúdenos a proyectar pensamientos y oraciones positivas para pedir por su regreso a un estado saludable y lleno de felicidad. Visite y busque Wardell Noel para realizar donaciones que lo ayuden a realizar tratamientos alternativos que Wardell necesita para vencer ese cáncer. O bien puede comunicarse con su esposa, Cherelle, para ofrecer su ayuda y buenos deseos a través del Periódico Bilingüe La Voz en MUCHAS GRACIAS.