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Our Goal
LaVoz Bilingual Newspaper
serves all communities by concentrating on the Hispanic and Anglo, publishing in both Spanish and English. Our goal is to promote understanding and improve communication between peoples. We wish to extend this opportunity to our clients and make bilingual ads an option for our advertisers.

For informaton about Display Advertising rates, email ads@lavoz.us.com now!

Translation Services
La Voz Bilingual Newspaper
has experienced translators on staff. We publish in two languages. We can translate your ad copy into Spanish or English or both!
We provide  two options: 1) Your ad is entirely in one language. Underneath the ad will be a few lines of text in the second language describing the business or service, or 2) Ad is in both languages within the ad space.

Important Population Information
for Northern California!

Dear Advertiser,
Thank you for the opportunity to serve both your successful efforts and the Hispanic / Anglo Communities here in Northern CA.

La Voz Bilingual Newspaper is continuing to put together an impressive team of people in order to assist the effort of one understanding between two cultures.

25% of new business start-ups are Hispanic
23% of the population is Hispanic
Average annual income $32K
Family-oriented value system
Tend to be financially conservative
Tend to trust name brands
Tend to trust other Hispanics
1 out of 6 Hispanic Families have a new car
Tend to buy new clothes in a 3 month cycle
Tend to have lavish family events

Detailed demographic information will be compiled by La Voz in order to better serve the community.
  Seven Compelling Reasons to advertise with La Voz.

Siete Razones Irresistibles de
el Porque Anunciarse con La Voz?

#1 The Hottest New Publication
with access to an untapped market.
La Publicaciòn màs estupenda
con acceso a un nuevo mercado.

#2 Associate with a Publication
of Uncompromising Quality.
Asociarse con una publicación
de calidad absoluta.

#3 Northern California's Foremost
Bilingual Publication No Equal!
La publicación màs completa de
el Norte de California Sin igual!

#4 A Family Publication that can
be picked up by anyone, any age.
Una publicación la cual puede
ser leida y elegida a cualquier edad.

#5 An Educational Tool for those
learning the other language.
Un instrumento educativo para
todos aquellos que se encuentran
aprendiendo otro idioma.

#6 Prices are affordable for everyone.
Los precios son accesibles para
toda persona.

#7 Enhanced Circulation through
maximized impressions.
Realiza y afirma la circulación
por medio de una màxima calidad
de impresión.