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Nestor Torres LupercioPhotographer Nestor Torres Lupercio has his show, Paleteros deMexico, memories of his Grandfather pushing his cart full of paletas in Aguascalientes Mexico, at Frozen Arts in Roseland. August 30, 2019. Click here for photo album by Jeff Kan Lee.

Maria de los AngelesMaria de Los Angeles at the opening of her Sonoma County Museum show, August 24 and 25, 2019. Tierra de Rosas: Nuevas Obras por Maria de Los Ángeles en el museo del condado de Sonoma / Tierra de Rosas: New Works by Maria de Los Ángeles at the Museum of Sonoma County. Exhibition dates: thru November 3, 2019. Click here for Sonoma County Museum website: Tierra-de-Rosas. Click here for photo album by Jeff Kan Lee.

Day of the DeadDay of the Dead: Peter Perez works with his young assistants on making art for the Day of the Dead exhibit at the Sonoma County Museum. July, 2019, see two albums by Jeff Kan Lee.

ImaginistsThe Imaginists play, a free, bilingual, bicycle-powered Art is Medicine Show summer tour rides again with Peace, the Redacted Version an almost unrecognizable adaptation of Aristophanes’ ancient classic comedy. A small band of domestic workers tidy up around Dump Tower, while President Corn’s cabinet of fun and lovable members clean house by imprisoning Peace, Liberty and Democracy. Will an overcrowded field of Superhero hopefuls be able to swoop in for a successful rescue? Find out in Peace; the Redacted Version, an absurd satire for an absurd time. Performed in Spanish and English.
Paz: la version redactada: La gira de verano de los Imaginistas y su show El Arte es Medicina, completamente gratis y bilingüe, esta de regreso con "Peace, the Redacted Version", una adaptación casi irreconocible de la antigua comedia clásica de Aristófanes. Realizado en español e inglés. Un pequeño grupo de trabajadores domésticos se organiza alrededor de Dump Tower, mientras que el gabinete de miembros amables y divertidos del Presidente Corn limpia la casa al encarcelar a Paz, Libertad y Democracia. ¿Podrá un campo superpoblado de aspirantes a superhéroes realizar un rescate exitoso? Descúbrelo en “Peace, the Redacted Version”, una sátira absurda por un tiempo absurdo. Presented at Andy's Park, July 14 and other locations, July 2019. See album by Jeff Kan Lee. You can read more about the Imaginists at theimaginists.org/.

GuelaguetzaGuelaguetza: Celebration from Oaxaca at the Luther Burbank Center, July 14, 2019. Dancing, art and culture, costumes, food, games, fun for the whole family. Presented by Oaxaca Tierra del Sol. See photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Carlos Del PozoCarlos del Pozo, May His Memory be a Blelssing, Person of the Month, August 2019 issue of La Voz. Carlos is the program manager for Community Action Partnerships. Vea La Persona del Mes en la página 6 / See Person of the Month on pag 6-7. Carlos del Pozo, un trabajador familiar que sirve a la comunidad latinx en la comunidad de Roseland / family advocate serving the Latinx community in Roseland. See photos by Jeff Kan Lee and John Nelson.

Luther Burbank Camps RecitalMariachi Recitals and Camps in Sonoma and Santa Rosa. Luther Burbank Center held its first Mariachi Camp in Sonoma in partnership with Valley Vibes Orchestra — participants in ViVo and Mariachi joined together for singing for family and friends. Seventeen campers attended Luther Burbank Centers Mariachi Camp at El Verano Elementary School. This is quite a small number of campers and the students had plenty of attention from the instructors and leader Jose Soto. Campers at mariachi, dance and arts camps, were also located at Comstock Middle School. See many albums by Jeff Kan Lee.

Roseland Mural ProjectRoseland Mural Project: A new mural is being installed at Roseland School by a team of students led by artist Matin Zuniga. A look at the finished mural, as the artists are doing the finishing touches. July 30, 2019. See two albums by Jeff Kan Lee.

Mariachi RecitalCampamento Mariachi en Cloverdale, Del 10 al 28 de junio. Preparatoria de Cloverdale. ¡Música! ¡Cultura! ¡Comunidad! Los estudiantes cantaron y aprendieron a tocar la guitarra, la trompeta o el violín en este campamento de tres semanas mientras se preparaban para una presentación en la recepción final. No se necesitaba experiencia, y los instrumentos fueron proporcionados sin costo alguno. 4to Grado en Adelante.
Mariachi Camp at Cloverdale High School. Music! Culture! Community! Students sang and learned to play the guitar, trumpet, or violin in this three-week camp while preparing for a performance at the final reception. No experience was necessary, and instruments were provided at no cost. Grade 4 and up. The Cloverdale Mariachi Camp concluded on Friday, June 28 with a recital under the direction of Jose Soto who began his mariachi career at a young age with his family. This camp, along others in Santa Rosa and Sonoma are sponsored by the Luther Burbank Center. See more photos by Jeff Kan Lee and John Nelson.

Bayer Farm LibraryBayer Farm in Roseland! Petra Hernandez runs a little library at Bayer Farm for little readers. Photos of library trailer and people working in the garden. Jennifer Ruiz hooks up a hose in the garden and young children can play. June 26, 2019. See more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

La Plaza MoveGrand Inauguration! Prizes, Art, Food and Music. Celebrating the move of La Plaza from Cook Middle School to Lincoln School, May 4, 2019. Nuestra Cultura Cura initiative is committed to promote and enhance the health and well-being of the Latino Community. See more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Dia del NiñosApril 20, 2019, Dia del Niño at KBBF. Latin-American Celebration of love. Presents, games, food and music. Live music and performances, comedian Luis Vasquez, theater students from Windsor’s Cali Calmecac school, and the troupe of Ballet Folklorico Sarita. Raffle, activities and piñatas! Food sales. 5-8pm at 1700 Corby Avenue, in Santa Rosa. See more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Aztec DancingDanza!
Aztec dancing at Martin Luther King Jr. Park. Located at
1671 Hendley Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95404 April 20, 2019.

See more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Michaele MoralesMichaele Morales in her Biella School office. April 12, 2019. Photos by Jeff Kan Lee. Person of the Month. Michaele Morales, una Empleada en Educación y una Activista / a School Employee and an Activist.
Michaele Morales, quite often uses the word “empowering” in her vocabulary, for she dedicates much of her time in assisting the community to become self-sufficient through education, family support and being an active participant in associations that meet her goals. Story by Yolanda Martinez begins on p. 1.

Cesar Chavez Festival"Uniting the Community" Cesar Chavez Festival. Celebrating Cesar's birthday at Bayer Farm Park in Roseland, March 31, 2019. Ballet Folklorico of Petaluma shown here. See more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Corazon People of the Month for the April, 2019 issue of La Voz. On March 6 Corazón Healdsburg celebrated the first five graduates of a new GED program. These courageous women shared stories of their journey to the United States and what it means now to have a GED certificate. Listening, I was reminded of the very best of what it means to be an American. Their stories were of unimaginable hardship, perseverance and mostly of love and faith. Read Corazón Healdsburg by Marie Gewritz on page 6. Click here to read more about the program and see more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Pacific World ExhibitA new exhibit at the Museum of Sonoma County, Pacific World, the history that binds us to the sea, through June 2. Explore the Great Ocean from a different perspective in Pacific World— a perspective where California is the eastern edge of the Pacific, rather than the more familiar symbol of the American west.
425 Seventh St. Santa Rosa, CA 95401
(707) 579-1500,
see photos of the exhibit by Jeff Kan Lee.

Linda VallejoLinda Vallejo's Make 'Em All Mexican series at the Museum of Sonoma County confronts the viewer with one of the most important questions of our time, "How does race, color, and class define our status in the world?" Exhibit: See Something, Say Something until April 20, 2019, see photos of the exhibit by Jeff Kan Lee.

Secure FamiliesSecure Families Fund Community Foundation Sonoma County is pleased to announce the launching of the Secure Families Collaborative, a network of non-profit organizations providing deportation defense and other services to Sonoma County’s immigrant communities. Kickoff on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at Beer Baron Bar & Kitchen in Santa Rosa. Photo: Alegria de la Cruz introduces this mother and her teenage son who fled El Salvador after the gang Mara 18 accosted the minor on several occasions as he was entering his church. The teenager was even threatened with a knife by gang members in attempts to recruit him. Mother and son left El Salvador on February 2018, and settled in Rohnert Park where they requested legal aid to start an asylum process. On December 2018, both received asylum after an immigration judge determined that the boy’s participation in the church, and his religious choice were a central reason for the persecution. Now the family continues to work through the Secure Families Collaborative to petition the father and husband, and reunite their family in the United States.
Click here to read more about the event and see more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Rob CervantesFebruary 2019 Person of the Month, Robert Cervantes, is one of the best Disc Jockeys in Sonoma County, a creative individual, a graphic artist, a builder of dollhouses, and most importantly, a great stay-home father. Robert Cervantes declares: “Life is not about finding yourself but creating yourself. Life has given me both.“ Roberto’s message to the community, “Always challenge yourself. You never know what you’re capable of doing, until you try new ventures.” Read Robert Cervantes by Yolanda Vera Martinez on page 1. Photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Matthew SotoMatthew Soto will be featured as the Person of the Month in the January 2019 issue of La Voz, story by Yolanda Martinez. Photo by Jeff Kan Lee: Matthew with girlfriend, Audrey Robbin. Matt is a 20-year old Santa Rosan, is always alert to opportunities to learn something new and useful for the future or to be of service to the community.  At his early age, it’s impressive to read the list of accomplishments he has accumulated. Matthew works at Double Punches Boxing Club both tutoring and coaching members of the club. Matthew Soto’s message to the community is: “Carpe Diem”—a Latin phrase, meaning to make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future. Then he adds another powerful piece of advice: “Be the leader you needed when you were younger and help those around you.” Click here to see all of these plus the albums below!




La Posada SRJCLa Posada at Santa Rosa Junior College. December 4, 2018. Mujeres Xingonas and MEChA of SRJC invited the community to their second annual Posada. Bring the family to enjoy music, activities such as piñata, loteria, and food! HEP of SRJC is hosting the Mole Competition. Click here to see all of the photos of the Posada plus those in the albums below!

Latest photos of community events by Jeff Kan Lee. 4th Annual Sonoma Hot Sauce Chile Pepper Harvest! Fun for all ages on the farm event. Kids and Pets encouraged! Attendees got free peppers and hot sauce. October 27, 2018. Día de los Muertos annual event at Courthouse Square, Santa Rosa, November 1, 2018. Clint McKay gave a talk about the art of the Pomo basket at the downtown Santa Rosa branch of the Sonoma County Library. November 7, 2018. Dos Marias Art: A show of art by Maria Canas and Maria Trejo. And portraits of our own La Voz reporter, Griselda Madrigal Lara. Click here to see all of these plus the albums below!

Día de los Muertos SRJCDay of the Dead / Día de los Muertos procession and celebration at Santa Rosa Junior Collete on October 25, 2018. Click here for beautiful photos of the community, altars and dancing, by Jeff Kan Lee.

Elijah Renteria exhibit at SRJCElijah Renteria. Local Chicano artist and SRJC alumnus Elijah Renteria opened his show at the Jesse Peter Museum at the Santa Rosa campus with a talk about his art and how he uses it during his performances. He discussed the history of the use of masks in the pre-Columbian history of the continent and his current making and use of masks in his performances. He demonstrated with a drum performance as used in the Day of the Dead. Elijah has been performing since childhood and has been making masks for the past seven years, apprenticing with master mask maker Zarco Guerreo in Mesa, Arizona. He is now a student at UCLA and majors in anthropology. The exhibit, The Sacred and the Profane: The Mask as Performance and Art, contains thirty of his original pieces was on display until November 7th. If you missed it, click here for beautiful photos of the exhibition by Jeff Kan Lee.

Alegria de la CruzPerson of the Month, November 2018. Alegría De La Cruz, Sonoma County Chief Deputy Counsel - Infrastructure and Public Resources Practice Group, acknowledges the powerful impact that women and United Farm Workers movement made in shaping her life and career. Click here to read her story by Griselda Madrigal Lara. Click here for more photos of Alegria by Jeff Kan Lee

Día de los MuertosDay of the Dead / Día de los Muertos at the Sonoma County Museum October 9 – Nnovember 4, 2018. Central is the great, green cage by Ruben Guzman, from which 51 winged hearts escape and transform as they rise toward the sky. The hearts’ maker, Tracy Ferron, tells of being inspired by the discovery that children with cerebral palsy years ago were subjected to medical experiments at what was then Sonoma State Hospital. “The piece,” she says, “is about the cage of trauma and how, through witness and acknowledgment, we can come together to build a new story to liberate ourselves and others.” Click here for stunning photos of the exhibition by Jeff Kan Lee.

Louie PerezLouie Perez, band leader, guitarist, vocalist, with wife Patti and daughter Nikki play ethnic music. Here they are playing in Cloverdale for Octoberfest. October 6, 2018. Coming to us from Delicias Chihuahua Mexico, Louie started his career at age 11 playing drums. He has performed with and opened for most major Latin American artists including Freddie Fender. He has toured with Perez Prado and has played guitar for Ana Ciani, Frankie Yankovic, The Gaylords and Donnie Brooks Louie has also shared the stage with Joan Baez. Louie's gift of song is a strong asset for the many different languages that the band sings in.  He is a Great People Mover! Among his talents are his impressions, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Julio Iglesias, Freddie Fender, are to name but a few. Click here for more photos of the event by Jeff Kan Lee.

Roseland Unity Run & Harvest FestivalRoseland Unity Run & Harvest Festival. Click to read story by Griselda Madrigal Lara (photo, left). Community members, many from Roseland, met at the beautiful Bayer Neighborhood Farm and Garden on Saturday, September 29th. The reason for this was the 5k Roseland Unity Run and Harvest Festival, an event created in collaboration by LandPaths and the Santa Rosa Violence Prevention Partnership. Click here for more photos of the event by Jeff Kan Lee.

The State of the Latino CommunitySeptember 27th, Fifth Annual State of the Latino Community event at SSU. Address “Advancing Prosperity, Unlocking Potential and Building Resilience.” The fires of 2017 highlighted the need to focus efforts on building community resilience, especially for vulnerable and disconnected communities. For Sonoma County and the surrounding region, the fires further unveiled the growing social and economic divide, and while the fires did not discriminate, income, geography and documented status will determine the pace of recovery for individuals and families in our region. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Peter PerezPeter Perez and the art students of the Museums of Sonoma County, Peoople of the Month. " Peter Perez was finishing adjusting the paint color around a small, young boy sitting on top of a huge canvas tarp that straddled several tables in the underbelly of the Museums of Sonoma County. “He reminds of myself,” he says fondly. Today Perez is a retired graphic artist and advertising mogul, but he is still a working artist and loves to help young people reach their artistic dreams. At the Museum this summer he taught young people in Youth+Art, a summer arts youth program funded by Creative Sonoma. Read Creating new art by Cynthia Leung, on page 6. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Omar GallardoOmar Gallardo, Person of the Month for September, 2018. Click here for more photos of Omar by Jeff Kan Lee.“Connecting the people with the land, that’s my responsibility,” said Omar Gallardo. Sonoma County’s Land Paths, his employer, has recently given him the auspicious title of “New Audiences Director”. As his organization’s outreach and diversity person, it’s his calling to bring the benefits of Sonoma County’s great outdoors to folks needing a break from the great indoors. How did this man come
to play a role in Land Path’s groundbreaking
ideas on public use of open space in Sonoma County? Read Connecting people to the land by Craig Davis, on page 6.

Day of the Dead Art So. Co. MuseumDay of the Dead Art. Artist Peter Perez work with volunteers on the preparation of art for the Day of the Dead exhibit for the Sonoma County Museum. August 8, 2018. Photos by Jeff Kan Lee. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

LowridersKBBF & Sonoma County Lowrider Council Car Show, DJ music, games, food and merchandise for sale, .tamales, nachos, pizza, candy, otter pops, waters, sodas, and beer. Fun event for the whole family. August 18, 2018. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Movimiento Cultural de la Union IndígenaMovimiento Cultural de la Union Indígena. Festival at Montgomery High. Share our cultures, languages, traditions, histories, and bring education and awareness to the community of Sonoma, Napa, Solano and Mendocino Counties.
A great opportunity to make contact with members of the local indigenous community and others who work in the fields and in agriculture generally. A variety of indigenous dances from different dances from regions; resource booths; activities for children; traditional indigenous food and much and much more! August 12, 2018. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Summer CampsFour summer camps took place at Cook Middle School in the Roseland community. Luther Burbank Center sponsored mariachi, art, science and hip hop camps.

Music! Culture! Community! Led by Mariachi Baragan’s José Soto, students sing and choose to play the guitar, trumpet or violin in this three week camp! No experience needed, and instruments provided at no cost!
¡Música! ¡Cultura! ¡Comunidad! Dirigido por José Soto, del Mariachi Barragán, estudiantes cantan y escogen tocar la guitarra, la trompeta o el violín en este campamento de tres semanas. ¡Experiencia no es necesaria, y los instrumentos son proveídos sin costo alguno! July 24, 2018. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

FestivalFestival Cultural Oaxaca En La Plaza de Santa Rosa. Free Festival at Courthouse Square, July 15, 2018. "Oaxaca in the Wine Country" is one of a series of Cultural Events that celebrate diversity of Mexican & Latin traditions in Sonoma County, California. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Ariana AparicioAriana Aparicio, Person of the Month, May, 2018, was recently accepted to the Master of Education program in Higher Education at Harvard University. She is the first person in her family to graduate from high school and obtain a college degree. “I want to make my Latino community proud by showing them that someone with my background can make it and be admitted to an institution like Harvard. That is why I want to share my story because it was with the help and support of my local community that I was able to get this far.” Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Ever Coyote ExhibitThe community joined MI CASA for the Art Opening of Ever F. Coyote's art recently installed in our space. We met the artist, as well as other local artists, Martin Zuniga and Nestor Torres, and had the opportunity to partake in silk-screening our own shirts! Prints of Ever F. Coyote were available for purchase. Sponsored by The Multicultural Innovation Center for Academic Success & Achievement https://hsi.santarosa.edu/mi-casa. April 17, 2018. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

DanzaDanza Coyolxauqui of Santa Rosa invited the community to their Annual Ceremony dedicated to the Grand Mother Coyolxauqui. This year they had the presence of the General Rosa Maya of Mexico, supported by Tlacopan, shared with all Danza groups and Aztec dancers in our home in Santa Rosa. The celebration was in Courthouse Square. April 7, 2018. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Riccardo OlivaAccolades for Coach Riccardo Oliva! Riccardo was selected National Coach of the Year. March 22, 2018. Click here to read story about it on the front page of the April 2018 issue of La Voz by Craig Davis. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Angel GallardoAngel Gallardo. Tattoo artist Angel Gallardo in his Petaluma studio. March 9, 2018. Angel will be featured as the Person of the Month in the April issue of La Voz. He and his team have a successful business and also serve the community. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Biella Art NightBiella Elementary School Art Night. Artists from the community work with Biella Elementary families on art projects. February 27, 2018. This was Biella’s second family art night, (we had another before Xmas break) this time we invited local artists Martin, Mario, Ever, Amanda, Maria and Maria. Martin brought his cube that he travels from school to school with called QUEUBO Families painted and spray painters inside the QUEUBO. Thanks to Michaele Morales for the caption. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.  

Luz NavarretteCareer Fair at Roseland Elementary School, February 9, 2018. Highlights at Roseland Elementary include:  after school tutoring and enrichment programs, after School Boys and Girls Club program, student leadership opportunities, after school instrumental music 4-6, choral programs K-3, art instruction, English Development programs, a strong Gifted and Talented (GATE) program and much, much more. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.  

Pozole Night at Roseland Elementary SchoolWe tasted what community and Pozole is all about at a fun, family festive, and cultural night that featured a delicious Mexican soup, Pozole, aguas frescas, the Roseland Elementary Ballet-Folklorico, and much more! Fundraiser that benefits the Roseland Elementary School Uniform Program and the Padres Unidos Leadership Group, a program of Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County. Pozole Night, annual affair at Roseland Elementary School. February 9, 2018. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee. For more info about the impact Padres Unidos has in our community click to visit their website.

Vigil for immigration in RoselandVigilia para inmigracion en Roseland. Starting January 15th and every Monday after we will be at the Roseland community from 5pm to 7pm to share information about immigration and to support our undocufamilies who are suffering as a result of the attacks by the current administration. Come and support. Will share information with drivers and others and will continue to prepare for the Walkout on March 5th. January 22, 2018, Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee

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