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Visite para ver LA FOTO GALERIA DE LA VOZ completa. La Voz ha publicado 17,315 fotos desde marzo de 2010 y han sido vistas por 1,176,850 personas. ¡Eso es más de un millón! ¡Usted o un miembro de su familia podrían aparecer ahí! ¡Se incluyen eventos comunitarios, celebraciones y gente!

New photos ALWAYS coming soon! But check out the Photo Gallery online. They are all there! New ones posted online!

Nestor Torres LupercioPhotographer Nestor Torres Lupercio has his show, Paleteros deMexico, memories of his Grandfather pushing his cart full of paletas in Aguascalientes Mexico, at Frozen Arts in Roseland. August 30, 2019. Click here for photo album by Jeff Kan Lee.

Maria de los AngelesMaria de Los Angeles at the opening of her Sonoma County Museum show, August 24 and 25, 2019. Tierra de Rosas: Nuevas Obras por Maria de Los Ángeles en el museo del condado de Sonoma / Tierra de Rosas: New Works by Maria de Los Ángeles at the Museum of Sonoma County. Exhibition dates: thru November 3, 2019. Click here for Sonoma County Museum website: Tierra-de-Rosas. Click here for photo album by Jeff Kan Lee.

Day of the DeadDay of the Dead: Peter Perez works with his young assistants on making art for the Day of the Dead exhibit at the Sonoma County Museum. July, 2019, see two albums by Jeff Kan Lee.

ImaginistsThe Imaginists play, a free, bilingual, bicycle-powered Art is Medicine Show summer tour rides again with Peace, the Redacted Version an almost unrecognizable adaptation of Aristophanes’ ancient classic comedy. A small band of domestic workers tidy up around Dump Tower, while President Corn’s cabinet of fun and lovable members clean house by imprisoning Peace, Liberty and Democracy. Will an overcrowded field of Superhero hopefuls be able to swoop in for a successful rescue? Find out in Peace; the Redacted Version, an absurd satire for an absurd time. Performed in Spanish and English.
Paz: la version redactada: La gira de verano de los Imaginistas y su show El Arte es Medicina, completamente gratis y bilingüe, esta de regreso con "Peace, the Redacted Version", una adaptación casi irreconocible de la antigua comedia clásica de Aristófanes. Realizado en español e inglés. Un pequeño grupo de trabajadores domésticos se organiza alrededor de Dump Tower, mientras que el gabinete de miembros amables y divertidos del Presidente Corn limpia la casa al encarcelar a Paz, Libertad y Democracia. ¿Podrá un campo superpoblado de aspirantes a superhéroes realizar un rescate exitoso? Descúbrelo en “Peace, the Redacted Version”, una sátira absurda por un tiempo absurdo. Presented at Andy's Park, July 14 and other locations, July 2019. See album by Jeff Kan Lee. You can read more about the Imaginists at

GuelaguetzaGuelaguetza: Celebration from Oaxaca at the Luther Burbank Center, July 14, 2019. Dancing, art and culture, costumes, food, games, fun for the whole family. Presented by Oaxaca Tierra del Sol. See photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Carlos Del PozoCarlos del Pozo, May His Memory be a Blelssing, Person of the Month, August 2019 issue of La Voz. Carlos is the program manager for Community Action Partnerships. Vea La Persona del Mes en la página 6 / See Person of the Month on pag 6-7. Carlos del Pozo, un trabajador familiar que sirve a la comunidad latinx en la comunidad de Roseland / family advocate serving the Latinx community in Roseland. See photos by Jeff Kan Lee and John Nelson.

Luther Burbank Camps RecitalMariachi Recitals and Camps in Sonoma and Santa Rosa. Luther Burbank Center held its first Mariachi Camp in Sonoma in partnership with Valley Vibes Orchestra — participants in ViVo and Mariachi joined together for singing for family and friends. Seventeen campers attended Luther Burbank Centers Mariachi Camp at El Verano Elementary School. This is quite a small number of campers and the students had plenty of attention from the instructors and leader Jose Soto. Campers at mariachi, dance and arts camps, were also located at Comstock Middle School. See many albums by Jeff Kan Lee.

Roseland Mural ProjectRoseland Mural Project: A new mural is being installed at Roseland School by a team of students led by artist Matin Zuniga. A look at the finished mural, as the artists are doing the finishing touches. July 30, 2019. See two albums by Jeff Kan Lee.

Mariachi RecitalCampamento Mariachi en Cloverdale, Del 10 al 28 de junio. Preparatoria de Cloverdale. ¡Música! ¡Cultura! ¡Comunidad! Los estudiantes cantaron y aprendieron a tocar la guitarra, la trompeta o el violín en este campamento de tres semanas mientras se preparaban para una presentación en la recepción final. No se necesitaba experiencia, y los instrumentos fueron proporcionados sin costo alguno. 4to Grado en Adelante.
Mariachi Camp at Cloverdale High School. Music! Culture! Community! Students sang and learned to play the guitar, trumpet, or violin in this three-week camp while preparing for a performance at the final reception. No experience was necessary, and instruments were provided at no cost. Grade 4 and up. The Cloverdale Mariachi Camp concluded on Friday, June 28 with a recital under the direction of Jose Soto who began his mariachi career at a young age with his family. This camp, along others in Santa Rosa and Sonoma are sponsored by the Luther Burbank Center. See more photos by Jeff Kan Lee and John Nelson.

Bayer Farm LibraryBayer Farm in Roseland! Petra Hernandez runs a little library at Bayer Farm for little readers. Photos of library trailer and people working in the garden. Jennifer Ruiz hooks up a hose in the garden and young children can play. June 26, 2019. See more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

La Plaza MoveGrand Inauguration! Prizes, Art, Food and Music. Celebrating the move of La Plaza from Cook Middle School to Lincoln School, May 4, 2019. Nuestra Cultura Cura initiative is committed to promote and enhance the health and well-being of the Latino Community. See more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Dia del NiñosApril 20, 2019, Dia del Niño at KBBF. Latin-American Celebration of love. Presents, games, food and music. Live music and performances, comedian Luis Vasquez, theater students from Windsor’s Cali Calmecac school, and the troupe of Ballet Folklorico Sarita. Raffle, activities and piñatas! Food sales. 5-8pm at 1700 Corby Avenue, in Santa Rosa. See more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Aztec DancingDanza!
Aztec dancing at Martin Luther King Jr. Park. Located at
1671 Hendley Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95404 April 20, 2019.

See more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Michaele MoralesMichaele Morales in her Biella School office. April 12, 2019. Photos by Jeff Kan Lee. Person of the Month. Michaele Morales, una Empleada en Educación y una Activista / a School Employee and an Activist.
Michaele Morales, quite often uses the word “empowering” in her vocabulary, for she dedicates much of her time in assisting the community to become self-sufficient through education, family support and being an active participant in associations that meet her goals. Story by Yolanda Martinez begins on p. 1.

Cesar Chavez Festival"Uniting the Community" Cesar Chavez Festival. Celebrating Cesar's birthday at Bayer Farm Park in Roseland, March 31, 2019. Ballet Folklorico of Petaluma shown here. See more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Corazon People of the Month for the April, 2019 issue of La Voz. On March 6 Corazón Healdsburg celebrated the first five graduates of a new GED program. These courageous women shared stories of their journey to the United States and what it means now to have a GED certificate. Listening, I was reminded of the very best of what it means to be an American. Their stories were of unimaginable hardship, perseverance and mostly of love and faith. Read Corazón Healdsburg by Marie Gewritz on page 6. Click here to read more about the program and see more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Pacific World ExhibitA new exhibit at the Museum of Sonoma County, Pacific World, the history that binds us to the sea, through June 2. Explore the Great Ocean from a different perspective in Pacific World— a perspective where California is the eastern edge of the Pacific, rather than the more familiar symbol of the American west.
425 Seventh St. Santa Rosa, CA 95401
(707) 579-1500,
see photos of the exhibit by Jeff Kan Lee.

Linda VallejoLinda Vallejo's Make 'Em All Mexican series at the Museum of Sonoma County confronts the viewer with one of the most important questions of our time, "How does race, color, and class define our status in the world?" Exhibit: See Something, Say Something until April 20, 2019, see photos of the exhibit by Jeff Kan Lee.

Secure FamiliesSecure Families Fund Community Foundation Sonoma County is pleased to announce the launching of the Secure Families Collaborative, a network of non-profit organizations providing deportation defense and other services to Sonoma County’s immigrant communities. Kickoff on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at Beer Baron Bar & Kitchen in Santa Rosa. Photo: Alegria de la Cruz introduces this mother and her teenage son who fled El Salvador after the gang Mara 18 accosted the minor on several occasions as he was entering his church. The teenager was even threatened with a knife by gang members in attempts to recruit him. Mother and son left El Salvador on February 2018, and settled in Rohnert Park where they requested legal aid to start an asylum process. On December 2018, both received asylum after an immigration judge determined that the boy’s participation in the church, and his religious choice were a central reason for the persecution. Now the family continues to work through the Secure Families Collaborative to petition the father and husband, and reunite their family in the United States.
Click here to read more about the event and see more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Rob CervantesFebruary 2019 Person of the Month, Robert Cervantes, is one of the best Disc Jockeys in Sonoma County, a creative individual, a graphic artist, a builder of dollhouses, and most importantly, a great stay-home father. Robert Cervantes declares: “Life is not about finding yourself but creating yourself. Life has given me both.“ Roberto’s message to the community, “Always challenge yourself. You never know what you’re capable of doing, until you try new ventures.” Read Robert Cervantes by Yolanda Vera Martinez on page 1. Photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Matthew SotoMatthew Soto will be featured as the Person of the Month in the January 2019 issue of La Voz, story by Yolanda Martinez. Photo by Jeff Kan Lee: Matthew with girlfriend, Audrey Robbin. Matt is a 20-year old Santa Rosan, is always alert to opportunities to learn something new and useful for the future or to be of service to the community.  At his early age, it’s impressive to read the list of accomplishments he has accumulated. Matthew works at Double Punches Boxing Club both tutoring and coaching members of the club. Matthew Soto’s message to the community is: “Carpe Diem”—a Latin phrase, meaning to make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future. Then he adds another powerful piece of advice: “Be the leader you needed when you were younger and help those around you.” Click here to see all of these plus the albums below!

La Posada SRJCLa Posada at Santa Rosa Junior College. December 4, 2018. Mujeres Xingonas and MEChA of SRJC invited the community to their second annual Posada. Bring the family to enjoy music, activities such as piñata, loteria, and food! HEP of SRJC is hosting the Mole Competition. Click here to see all of the photos of the Posada plus those in the albums below!

Latest photos of community events by Jeff Kan Lee. 4th Annual Sonoma Hot Sauce Chile Pepper Harvest! Fun for all ages on the farm event. Kids and Pets encouraged! Attendees got free peppers and hot sauce. October 27, 2018. Día de los Muertos annual event at Courthouse Square, Santa Rosa, November 1, 2018. Clint McKay gave a talk about the art of the Pomo basket at the downtown Santa Rosa branch of the Sonoma County Library. November 7, 2018. Dos Marias Art: A show of art by Maria Canas and Maria Trejo. And portraits of our own La Voz reporter, Griselda Madrigal Lara. Click here to see all of these plus the albums below!

Día de los Muertos SRJCDay of the Dead / Día de los Muertos procession and celebration at Santa Rosa Junior Collete on October 25, 2018. Click here for beautiful photos of the community, altars and dancing, by Jeff Kan Lee.

Elijah Renteria exhibit at SRJCElijah Renteria. Local Chicano artist and SRJC alumnus Elijah Renteria opened his show at the Jesse Peter Museum at the Santa Rosa campus with a talk about his art and how he uses it during his performances. He discussed the history of the use of masks in the pre-Columbian history of the continent and his current making and use of masks in his performances. He demonstrated with a drum performance as used in the Day of the Dead. Elijah has been performing since childhood and has been making masks for the past seven years, apprenticing with master mask maker Zarco Guerreo in Mesa, Arizona. He is now a student at UCLA and majors in anthropology. The exhibit, The Sacred and the Profane: The Mask as Performance and Art, contains thirty of his original pieces was on display until November 7th. If you missed it, click here for beautiful photos of the exhibition by Jeff Kan Lee.

Alegria de la CruzPerson of the Month, November 2018. Alegría De La Cruz, Sonoma County Chief Deputy Counsel - Infrastructure and Public Resources Practice Group, acknowledges the powerful impact that women and United Farm Workers movement made in shaping her life and career. Click here to read her story by Griselda Madrigal Lara. Click here for more photos of Alegria by Jeff Kan Lee

Día de los MuertosDay of the Dead / Día de los Muertos at the Sonoma County Museum October 9 – Nnovember 4, 2018. Central is the great, green cage by Ruben Guzman, from which 51 winged hearts escape and transform as they rise toward the sky. The hearts’ maker, Tracy Ferron, tells of being inspired by the discovery that children with cerebral palsy years ago were subjected to medical experiments at what was then Sonoma State Hospital. “The piece,” she says, “is about the cage of trauma and how, through witness and acknowledgment, we can come together to build a new story to liberate ourselves and others.” Click here for stunning photos of the exhibition by Jeff Kan Lee.

Louie PerezLouie Perez, band leader, guitarist, vocalist, with wife Patti and daughter Nikki play ethnic music. Here they are playing in Cloverdale for Octoberfest. October 6, 2018. Coming to us from Delicias Chihuahua Mexico, Louie started his career at age 11 playing drums. He has performed with and opened for most major Latin American artists including Freddie Fender. He has toured with Perez Prado and has played guitar for Ana Ciani, Frankie Yankovic, The Gaylords and Donnie Brooks Louie has also shared the stage with Joan Baez. Louie's gift of song is a strong asset for the many different languages that the band sings in.  He is a Great People Mover! Among his talents are his impressions, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Julio Iglesias, Freddie Fender, are to name but a few. Click here for more photos of the event by Jeff Kan Lee.

Roseland Unity Run & Harvest FestivalRoseland Unity Run & Harvest Festival. Click to read story by Griselda Madrigal Lara (photo, left). Community members, many from Roseland, met at the beautiful Bayer Neighborhood Farm and Garden on Saturday, September 29th. The reason for this was the 5k Roseland Unity Run and Harvest Festival, an event created in collaboration by LandPaths and the Santa Rosa Violence Prevention Partnership. Click here for more photos of the event by Jeff Kan Lee.

The State of the Latino CommunitySeptember 27th, Fifth Annual State of the Latino Community event at SSU. Address “Advancing Prosperity, Unlocking Potential and Building Resilience.” The fires of 2017 highlighted the need to focus efforts on building community resilience, especially for vulnerable and disconnected communities. For Sonoma County and the surrounding region, the fires further unveiled the growing social and economic divide, and while the fires did not discriminate, income, geography and documented status will determine the pace of recovery for individuals and families in our region. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Peter PerezPeter Perez and the art students of the Museums of Sonoma County, Peoople of the Month. " Peter Perez was finishing adjusting the paint color around a small, young boy sitting on top of a huge canvas tarp that straddled several tables in the underbelly of the Museums of Sonoma County. “He reminds of myself,” he says fondly. Today Perez is a retired graphic artist and advertising mogul, but he is still a working artist and loves to help young people reach their artistic dreams. At the Museum this summer he taught young people in Youth+Art, a summer arts youth program funded by Creative Sonoma. Read Creating new art by Cynthia Leung, on page 6. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Omar GallardoOmar Gallardo, Person of the Month for September, 2018. Click here for more photos of Omar by Jeff Kan Lee.“Connecting the people with the land, that’s my responsibility,” said Omar Gallardo. Sonoma County’s Land Paths, his employer, has recently given him the auspicious title of “New Audiences Director”. As his organization’s outreach and diversity person, it’s his calling to bring the benefits of Sonoma County’s great outdoors to folks needing a break from the great indoors. How did this man come
to play a role in Land Path’s groundbreaking
ideas on public use of open space in Sonoma County? Read Connecting people to the land by Craig Davis, on page 6.

Day of the Dead Art So. Co. MuseumDay of the Dead Art. Artist Peter Perez work with volunteers on the preparation of art for the Day of the Dead exhibit for the Sonoma County Museum. August 8, 2018. Photos by Jeff Kan Lee. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

LowridersKBBF & Sonoma County Lowrider Council Car Show, DJ music, games, food and merchandise for sale, .tamales, nachos, pizza, candy, otter pops, waters, sodas, and beer. Fun event for the whole family. August 18, 2018. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Movimiento Cultural de la Union IndígenaMovimiento Cultural de la Union Indígena. Festival at Montgomery High. Share our cultures, languages, traditions, histories, and bring education and awareness to the community of Sonoma, Napa, Solano and Mendocino Counties.
A great opportunity to make contact with members of the local indigenous community and others who work in the fields and in agriculture generally. A variety of indigenous dances from different dances from regions; resource booths; activities for children; traditional indigenous food and much and much more! August 12, 2018. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Summer CampsFour summer camps took place at Cook Middle School in the Roseland community. Luther Burbank Center sponsored mariachi, art, science and hip hop camps.

Music! Culture! Community! Led by Mariachi Baragan’s José Soto, students sing and choose to play the guitar, trumpet or violin in this three week camp! No experience needed, and instruments provided at no cost!
¡Música! ¡Cultura! ¡Comunidad! Dirigido por José Soto, del Mariachi Barragán, estudiantes cantan y escogen tocar la guitarra, la trompeta o el violín en este campamento de tres semanas. ¡Experiencia no es necesaria, y los instrumentos son proveídos sin costo alguno! July 24, 2018. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

FestivalFestival Cultural Oaxaca En La Plaza de Santa Rosa. Free Festival at Courthouse Square, July 15, 2018. "Oaxaca in the Wine Country" is one of a series of Cultural Events that celebrate diversity of Mexican & Latin traditions in Sonoma County, California. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Ariana AparicioAriana Aparicio, Person of the Month, May, 2018, was recently accepted to the Master of Education program in Higher Education at Harvard University. She is the first person in her family to graduate from high school and obtain a college degree. “I want to make my Latino community proud by showing them that someone with my background can make it and be admitted to an institution like Harvard. That is why I want to share my story because it was with the help and support of my local community that I was able to get this far.” Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Ever Coyote ExhibitThe community joined MI CASA for the Art Opening of Ever F. Coyote's art recently installed in our space. We met the artist, as well as other local artists, Martin Zuniga and Nestor Torres, and had the opportunity to partake in silk-screening our own shirts! Prints of Ever F. Coyote were available for purchase. Sponsored by The Multicultural Innovation Center for Academic Success & Achievement April 17, 2018. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

DanzaDanza Coyolxauqui of Santa Rosa invited the community to their Annual Ceremony dedicated to the Grand Mother Coyolxauqui. This year they had the presence of the General Rosa Maya of Mexico, supported by Tlacopan, shared with all Danza groups and Aztec dancers in our home in Santa Rosa. The celebration was in Courthouse Square. April 7, 2018. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Riccardo OlivaAccolades for Coach Riccardo Oliva! Riccardo was selected National Coach of the Year. March 22, 2018. Click here to read story about it on the front page of the April 2018 issue of La Voz by Craig Davis. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Angel GallardoAngel Gallardo. Tattoo artist Angel Gallardo in his Petaluma studio. March 9, 2018. Angel will be featured as the Person of the Month in the April issue of La Voz. He and his team have a successful business and also serve the community. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Biella Art NightBiella Elementary School Art Night. Artists from the community work with Biella Elementary families on art projects. February 27,2018. This was Biella’s second family art night, (we had another before Xmas break) this time we invited local artists Martin, Mario, Ever, Amanda, Maria and Maria. Martin brought his cube that he travels from school to school with called QUEUBO Families painted and spray painters inside the QUEUBO. Thanks to Michaele Morales for the caption. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.  

Luz NavarretteCareer Fair at Roseland Elementary School, February 9, 2018. Highlights at Roseland Elementary include:  after school tutoring and enrichment programs, after School Boys and Girls Club program, student leadership opportunities, after school instrumental music 4-6, choral programs K-3, art instruction, English Development programs, a strong Gifted and Talented (GATE) program and much, much more. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.  

Pozole Night at Roseland Elementary SchoolWe tasted what community and Pozole is all about at a fun, family festive, and cultural night that featured a delicious Mexican soup, Pozole, aguas frescas, the Roseland Elementary Ballet-Folklorico, and much more! Fundraiser that benefits the Roseland Elementary School Uniform Program and the Padres Unidos Leadership Group, a program of Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County. Pozole Night, annual affair at Roseland Elementary School. February 9, 2018. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee. For more info about the impact Padres Unidos has in our community click to visit their website.

Vigil for immigration in RoselandVigilia para inmigracion en Roseland. Starting January 15th and every Monday after we will be at the Roseland community from 5pm to 7pm to share information about immigration and to support our undocufamilies who are suffering as a result of the attacks by the current administration. Come and support. Will share information with drivers and others and will continue to prepare for the Walkout on March 5th. January 22, 2018, Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee

Welcome RoselandThe City of Santa Rosa welcomed the Roseland District to the city on November 1, 2017 with a festival at the Roseland Neighborhood Village on January 20, 2018. There was an opening ceremony hosted by Roseland community members, as well as food, games, music, performances and more! Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee

Moorland community gardenMoorland Community Garden. LandPaths in partnership with Regional Parks of Sonoma County will be managing a new community garden and you can be a part of it. The Moorland Community Garden hosted it's first ever work day and they are seeking plot adopters! Along with the work day, organizers enjoyed sharing a Kings Cake with the community and they will also have applications for adopting a plot. Come and find out how to adopt your own plot! Moorland and W Robles Avenues, Santa Rosa. Leaders/Líderes: Omar Gallardo and Jonathan Bravo. Contact:

Posada at Bayer FarmPosada de Bayer Farm. Posada is a series of 9 traditional fiestas (celebration) that lead up to the Noche Buena (Holy Night), rooted in strong Catholic influences inherited from Spain; slightly similar to the 12 days of Christmas celebrated in some homes throughout the states. So, as part of the end of the year celebrations Bayer Farm hosted a community Posada for our families, friends and neighbors to come together and build stronger community ties through this beautiful Mexican cultural event. Pozole, a tradional hominy soup, warm beverages served during this time of year and piñatas and goody bags for the children! December 17. 2017. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee

SRJC Posada CelebrationMujeres Xingonas & MEChA hosted La Posada Celebration on December 5. 2017 at Santa Rosa Junior College with a Mole Competition, Mariachi "Voces Mexicanas" and other traditional activities, Face Painting, Posada Hymns, paper picado, piñata breaking, loteria, dancing and more! Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee

People's HealingPeople's Healing, a free clinic offering services of massage, acupuncture, limpias, herbs and tinctures, meditation, art for children, and political organizing, primarily focused on the communities most impacted by economic, racial, gender and environmental oppression. Our ancestors have used these cultural medicines for many years, guiding us in this path, and we invite you to participate in these familiar healing sessions. November 18, 2017. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee

Santa Rosa Day of the DeadDay of the Dead, Courthouse Square, Santa Rosa. Santa Rosa Día de Los Muertos Committee invited the community to attend the 2017 celebration at Santa Rosa Courthouse Square November 1st and 2nd. "Join us in creating a sacred space to remember, honor, and celebrate loved ones who have crossed over." Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee

Roseland Make a Difference DayRoseland Make a Difference Day. Roseland Community Building Initiative (CBI) and Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County host "Make a Difference Day" in the Roseland area of Santa Rosa. Neighborhood residents and the community joined in beautifying the neighborhood. October 28, 2017. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee

Dinner at Bayer FarmDinner at Bayer Farm in Roseland. Dinner was served here by Landpaths volunteers every day during the Sonoma County Firestorm. This evening, Gary B. Fleener of the geographer's kitchen cooked the meal. Click here for more photos by Ani Weaver

KBBF FundraiserTrunks or Treats! KBBF Radio Fundraiser, October 21, 2017. Food, pumpkins, face painting, costumes, music and fun! A great event for the whole family. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Day of the DeadDay of the Dead exhibit at Sonoma County Museums on October 6. Drawings, masks, altars, and music. Students honor their family and friends who have passed. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan

CulturaCultura. California Youth Outreach's third annual celebration of "Cultura: a celebration of Art, Photography, and Lowriders." As the City of Santa Rosa, and The Violence Prevention Partnership kicked off its 9th annual Gang Prevention Awareness Week. "Cultura" was one of several activities planned for Gang Prevention Awareness Week aimed at raising awareness about gangs and educating our community about existing efforts to reduce and prevent youth violence."Cultura" was held September 15th, 2017 at 6:00pm at Old Railroad Square Santa Rosa, CA. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Dr. Mariana G. MartinezDra. Mariana G. Martinez in her Sonoma State University office. Mariana is the "Person of the Month" in the October 2017 issue of La Voz. Click here to read more about Dra. Mariana. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee

Martin ZunigaArt of Martin Zuniga Artist Martin Zuniga works with his children One, 10 and Ollin, 6, to create their version of "The Wall." La Voz will be featuring Martin in a future issue this fall. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee

Roseland Art ClassesRoseland Youth Center Arts Program Reception. Students in a visual arts class taught by Lucero Vargas and in a video class taught by Molly Lopez had a reception at the Roseland Community Center to show off their arts projects. August 10, 2017. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee

Coach Riccardo Oliva Person of the Month for the August 2017 issue, Coach Riccardo Oliva, Coach of the Year for the entire Cal North state organization. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee and old photos of Coach Riccardo playing soccer in El Salvador.

Ever Coyote ExhibitRaizes Collective Show: Ever Coyote. Everutopia Opening Reception: Artist Ever Coyote from Oaxaca, Mexico, expresses ideas that sometimes are physically impossible but are expressions with colors using multi-media created after awakening from dreams. This exhibit showcases the artists utopic vision of his world while representing a part of his indigenous culture, which is an essential part of Mexico. July 28, 2017. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

2017 Music and Art CampsMusic and Visual Arts Class. Mariachi and Visual Arts Classes at Cook Middle School in Roseland. Students are preparing for a presentation at Luther Burbank Center on Thursday evening at 6 PM. July 24, 2017. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Roseland Art ClassYouth Art Expression Workshop hosted by artist Lucero Vargas & Roseland Youth Center, 5 week program where students, grades 5-8, learned how to express their emotions through art. Classes included instructions on the use of graphite pencil, watercolors, self-portrait, basic forms and how to frame their own art work. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Art and Mariachi Camps 2017Art and Mariachi Camps were summer programs for youth. aged 7-18, sponsored by Luther Burbank Center and held at Cook Middle School during the summer of 2017. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Ice cream with a policemanHelado con la Policia. Meet, greet and speak to your neighborhood police or sheriff's deputy over ice cream at Frozen Art Gourmet Ice Cream on Sebastopol Avenue in Roseland. On July 16, 2017. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

GuelaguetzaGuelaguetza. A beautiful Harvest celebration at Luther Burbank Center in Santa Rosa on July 16, 2017. Music, dancing, games, food demonstrations, games and activities for kids. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Cloverdale Mariachi CampCloverdale Mariachi Camp. Mariachi campers performed for parents and friends at Cloverdale High School on June 30, 2017. Caprice is playing trumpet in the Cloverdale Mariachi program. Though she was a bit young to try, she was determined to learn and she did!
Caprice also learned how to read music during the program. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Mariachi Camp in RoselandMariachi Camp in Roseland, Santa Rosa, CA. Jose Soto and his band of musicians teach the next generation the art of mariachi. The performance was on July 12, 2017. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Oaxaca in the Wine CountryOaxaca in the Wine Country, celebrated for the first time in the New Old Courthouse Square in downtown Santa Rosa. July 9, 2017. One of a series of cultural events that celebrate diversity of Mexican & Latin traditions in Sonoma County, California. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Frozen Art showArt by Maria Cañas and Maria Trejo. At Frozen Art Gourmet Ice Cream Gallery, 500 Sebastopol Rd, Unit B, Santa Rosa, CA 95407. Opening July 7, 2017. Maria Cañas is a student of our friend, Maria de los Angeles. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

SRJC HS Equivalency GraduationSRJC High School Equivalency Program Graduation. Returning students finish, hopefully they will continue their education. June 22, 2017. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Edvard Munch SFMOMAThe Summer of Munch Begins at SFMOMA,
Don’t miss the global debut of Edvard Munch: Between the Clock and the Bed, opening June 24 through October 9, 2017, and discover why Munch is one of the most celebrated and controversial artists of his generation. Click here for photos of the paintings from the Press Preview by Jeff Kan Lee, La Voz photographer.

Raizes CollectiveArt Lab Thursdays, Summer 2017. Raizes Collective, invites you to an afternoon of art making. Open to all artists and anyone interested in developing their creativity through art making. No experience required, Raizes will provide space, tables, chairs, supplies will be available for children. Donations welcome. Instructor Martin Zuniga will be working with the young artists every Thursday for the summer. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Bayer Farm Food Bank Free Lunch Redwood Empire Food Bank offers free Summer Lunch to kids 18 and younger. There are 31 different Summer Lunch Program sites spread throughout Sonoma County. Lunch is completely free, open to all children, and operates Monday through Friday during lunchtime. Visit or call 707 523-7903 or 2-1-1 for dates and times. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Head Start eventHead Start celebrated doing good for chldren for fifty years at Martin Luther King Park on May 18, 2017. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Day of the Child See more photos:
click here!
Sonoma County's
Day of the Child • Día Del Niño, April 29, 2017, 11am to 3pm Twelve parks, nature centers, preserves, and interpretive centers around Sonoma County present fun, family-friendly outdoor experiences including nature explorations, crafts, a ropes course, bird box building, hands-on activities, visits with animals, family nature walks, and more! End the day with a concert by the amazing Zun Zun at the Roseland Village Neighborhood Center from 4pm to 5:30pm.All offerings are free and several will be available in English and Spanish. Click here for site locations, directions, & times for site-specific activities.

Raizes Collective GalleryRaizes Collectives' space at 3840 Finley Ave, Santa Rosa, CA. All were invited to come through and bless up Raizes Collectives' humble space on Earth day, April 22nd. We give thanks to our community for all your energy and support! Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Roseland Beautification DayVince Harper, (May His Memory be a Blessing), CAP Sonoma's Roseland CBI Leaders planned the Roseland Beautification Project during the week of April 17 through April 22nd. The goal of the effort was to partner with organizations, businesses, residents and community members to spruce up the Roseland neighborhood and lay the foundation for ongoing effort to keep our commmunity safe and clean. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

DanzaDanza Coyolxauqui of Santa Rosa, Ca. invited Danzantez and Andantez to a two day ceremony in celebration of our Abuela, nuestras hermanas, madres, Guerreras de la danza y comunidad. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Mi Casa SRJCMi Casa grand opening at SRJC. (Multicultural Innovation Center for Academic Success and Achievement). a dedicated space where students can drop in, receive help, access computers and printers, and form connections with other students. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Cesar Chavez MarchHundreds march in Santa Rosa in honor of Cesar Chavez beginning at the Roseland Village Shopping Center to Juilliard Park. Entertainment by Windsor Bloco and inspirational speakers spoke on the life of Cesar Chavez. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Alejandro SalazarAlejandro Salazar, Artist reception at Gallery 300, 300 South A Street, Santa Rosa. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee. Transforming emotions into visual form in these turbulent times.

Vanessa RobledoVanessa Robledo, Person of the Month, and the My American Dreams project, to tell the stories of children of immigrants faced with deportation.April issue 2017. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee. Click here to read article by Craig Davis in the April issue.

Bayer Farm OpeningInauguración de Bayer Farm / Bayer Farm Opening 03-25-17, 1:00-3:30pm    
1550 West Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA, 95407, Free! Gratis. Gran celebración de apertura oficial de Bayer Neighborhood Park and Garden. Es hora de celebrar este bello lugar y las contribuciones que han llevado al desarrollo del parque. Habrá danza, música, actividades familiares y no podría faltar el famoso corte del listón. ¡Acompáñenos! It’s time to celebrate this beautiful place and the community contributions that have come together to create this park. There will be dance, music, family activities and the traditional cutting of the ribbon. Click here to see photos by Ani Weaver

Hispani Chamber MixerHispanic Chamber of Commerce Mixer at the Canine Companions for Independence, the nation's leading dog assistance program had a wonderful evening planned! Guests toured their national campus and got an upfront look of what goes on behind the scenes to make this program internationally known. Click here to see photos by Ani Weaver

Matisse DiebenkornHenri Matisse/Richard Diebenkorn exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Explore the profound inspiration California artist Richard Diebenkorn (1922–1993) discovered in the work of French modernist Henri Matisse (1869–1954). “Matisse/Diebenkorn is an incredible story of artistic inspiration, revealing how Diebenkorn’s enduring fascination with Matisse informed his own body of work in substantive and often surprising ways,” Click here to see vignettes from the press preview by Ani Weaver. Click here for tickets and lots more info on the exhibit

Monet: the early years, SF Legion of HonorClaude Monet: The Early Years, SF Legion of Honor. Click here to see Vignettes from the Press Preview by Ani Weaver. To see the entire paintings, you will have to go to the museum! Click here to visit the museum site with an interactive digital story of the exhibit and an audio tour. Check it out! The first major US exhibition devoted to the initial phase of Claude Monet’s (French, 1840–1926) career.

Frozen ArtFrozen Art Ice Cream Shop hosted small community based art show mixing local business and local artist. Types of work include sculptures, paintings, mixed media, and photography from Ome Zuniga, Martin Zuniga, and Nestor Torres Lupercio. Patrons unwind, socialize, and have fun. Martin Zuniga played some of his collection of vinyl records from Mexican Singers. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee

City of Santa Rosa Sanctuary City2/7/17: Santa Rosa declares itself an "Indivisible City to safeguard the civil rights, safety, and dignity of all Santa Rosa residents.” “We have friends, we have neighbors, we have co-workers — we all know people who are in jeopardy because of the intent of the new administration in Washington,” Mayor Chris Coursey said. “It’s our intent to protect those people and that’s the bottom line here.” Click here to see more photos of the City Council Meeting by Ani Weaver

Pozole Night in RoselandPozole Night a fund raiser
and event
to build com-
munity in one! Benefiting the Roseland School Outdoor Education Program and CAP Sonoma's Padres Unidos. Pozole prepared by Roseland Parent Club volunteers, entertainment, community engagement awards, volunteers serving, Roseland leadership student involvement, Padres Unidos parents and staff volunteering. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee

No Wall! Roseland DemonstrationNo Wall! Pop Up event at the Roseland Shopping Center in response to Trump's plan for a wall between the United States and Mexico. "We're going to come together to demonstrate our love and care for one another in the midst of the vicious and racist immigration policies being designed in Washington DC. We will have a few speakers as well as opportunities to sign up for upcoming actions that will enhance protections for our local immigrant community."
Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee

Women's March1/21/2017: Sonoma County joins 80 other cities participating in the “Women’s March on Washington” at noon on the steps of Santa Rosa City Hall. The rally will be followed by a short march through downtown Santa Rosa. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee and Ani Weaver.

Graton Day Labor CenterSign making at Graton Day Labor Center. English class members made signs for the Women's March on 1/21/17 in downtown Santa Rosa.
Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee

Corazón Healdsburg1/15/17: In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy and to help build his image of a society with justice for all, Corazón Healdsburg invited residents, community leaders, educators, and students to come together for a Social Justice dinner and facilitated learning at Healdsburg High School. Social Justice Dinner served family-style, prepared by well-known local chefs in the tradition of Soul Food Keynote presentation on "Cultural Humility and Changing the Scripts on Racism in our Community” by Dr. Jann Murray Garcia, MD, MPH, a highly regarded professor at UC Davis. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee

Public Art at Bayer FarmPublic Art at Bayer Neighborhood Park and Garden. Artist Mario Uribe has been commissioned to create and install a mural on three sides of the community pavilion. Here he works with students from Santa Rosa High School's Art Quest for Bayer Park in Roseland. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Sanctuary City MarchSanctu-ary City March in Santa Rosa led by artist Maria
de los Angeles
. Participants marched quietly from the Roseland Community Center to Santa Rosa City Hall to ask the city council to make our town a sanctuary City. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Bayer Neighborhood ParkThe Bayer Neighborhood Park and Garden opened to the public on December 21, 2016. The 5.8-acre park features a community pavilion, kiosk, skate park, half-court basketball, volleyball court, adult exercise equipment, barbecues, three types of ethnic outdoor cooking ovens, picnic tables, large farm-themed playground structure, nature discovery area, community gardens with farm stand, grassy open areas and a commercial kitchen facility. Public art will also be incorporated into the new park, and Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Roseland Posada 2016Posada at Bayer Farm in Roseland.
Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee. Omar Gallardo, commented to the audience just before starting with the traditional chants: "We want to offer this park as a safe place for families to come." Congressman Jared Huffman encouraged the community not to fear about their situation in the next administration of President- elect Donald Trump. regardless of their immigration status. He said: "Do not be afraid. You are in a safe community, your representatives will fight for you regardless of your immigration status.

Roseland Parkette DedicationRoseland Parkette: So. Co. Community Development Commission dedicated a park where people come together at the Roseland Village Neighborhood Center. New Roseland Village Parkette provides an opportunity for community members to host activities, dine outdoors and gather in a relaxing environment. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

SF Opera at Biella SchoolBiella school participated in an opera with the San Francisco Opera Guild. A fifth grade class performed in The Daughter of the Regiment, with San Francisco Opera singers. Last year they performed in La Bohème. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Dia de los 43 Procession in RoselandDía de los Muertos:Procession, Dia los 43 at the Roseland Community Center, from South Park to the Center. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Roseland Dia los 43Día de los Muertos:Preparation, procession and exhibition of Dia los 43 at the Roseland Community Center. Procession was from South Park to the Center. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Healdsburg Day of the DeadDay of the Dead: A street fair organized by Corazon Healdsburg, October 30, 2016, on Center Street, Healdsburg. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Sugar SkullsDía de los Muertos:Community members were invited to the Sonoma County Museums to make sugar skulls in conjunction with Day of the Dead, October 29, 2016. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Day of the DeadExhibit October 18 - November 27. Día de los Muertos: Ancient Celebrations and Traditions of Life and Death. Day of the Dead is celebrated throughout Mexico, in particular the Central and South regions, and by people of Mexican ancestry living in other places, especially the United States.  This exhibition brings together altars created by community members, festive artwork and three-dimensional sculpture associated with the Day  of the Dead celebration. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

SRJC Indigenous Peoples daySRJC Indigenous Peoples' Day Celebration. Monday, October 12, honoring America’s true history to honor and remember the struggles and resistance that indigenous people have had to endure to this day. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Day and Night FestivalCommunity Action Partnership’s 8th Annual South Park Day and Night Festival in Martin Luther King Jr. Park, Santa Rosa. Saturday, September 24, 2016. Fabulous day of music, dance, games, food and fun. This is a youth organized event designed to provide a safe and fun environment for youth and families. Sponsored bySanta Rosa Violence Prevention Partnership, Santa Rosa Police Department and South Park residents. Creating a safer, healthier and more prosperous Sonoma Co. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

2016 Sonoma County Harvest Fair2016 Sonoma County Harvest Fair at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa. Event includes the World Championship Grape Stomp, beverage tasting, seminars, workshops and much more. or call (707) 545-4200. You can also follow "Sonoma County Harvest Fair" on Facebook. Featured photos: Jorge Flores, Executive Chef of Bear Republic with first prize appetizer; Lupe Vaca-Angulo (above) with her Tupperware business; Pedro C. of Oliver's market and Rachel Schmidt of Estate 1856. Click here for photos by Ani Weaver

Pupusas by Maria CañasWhen Maria Cañas makes pupusas, you show up. What a treat. Sale was a benefit for her hospitalized brother. The extended family and friends were all there helping her. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee

Cultura festival"Cultura: a celebration of Art, Photography, and Lowriders." The City of Santa Rosa, and The Violence Prevention Partnership kicked off its 8th annual Gang Prevention Awareness Week. "Cultura" is one of several activities planned aimed at raising awareness about gangs and educating our community about existing efforts to reduce and prevent youth violence."Cultura" was held September 16, 2016. Daredevils & Queens. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee

Roseland Day of CaringDay of Caring. Community building on Moorland Avenue in Roseland. Vince Harper, may he rest in peace, and other volunteers use stencils to paint a mural on two fences. Wednesday, September 14, 2016. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee

Joe Rodota Linear Park DedicationRoseland Village Joe Rodota Trail Linear Park Dedication for new playground and "fitness zone" on land planned for a plaza and mixed use development. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee. Click here for more information about Sonoma Regional Parks.

Juan Gabriel Concert Sacramento. Click here for photos by Sergio Valencia-Trejo. Read the September 2016 issue of La Voz for the story of the concert and the life of Juan Gabriel.

Aztec DancersCelebration of unity and the elements that give us life. Danza Azteca Xántotl. Aztec dancing, at Sheppard Elementary, Santa Rosa. August 20, 2016. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Cloverdale mariachi CampCloverdale Mariachi Camp. Mariachi Camp sponsored by Luther Burbank Center and directed by Jose Soto teaches children about traditional Mexican music. Recital for family and friends at Washington School in Cloverdale, August 19, 2016. Click here to see more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Eric CastroHarvester. A photo exhibit by photo-journalist Erik Castro at the Christie Marks Gallery, 312 South A Street, Santa Rosa. Photos taken during an artist Q & A with gallery owner Christie Marks, August 18, 2016. Click here to see more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Restorative Resources GraduationA new round of Restorative Resources Accountability Circle participants graduated Mon, Aug. 1 in a ceremony at Cook Middle School in Santa Rosa. Instead of inviting a guest speaker from the community, this time AC leader Chad Bolla called upon four of the graduates to share their stories and their bright outlook on the future. One speaker started by saying, "I want to apologize to my parents for what I did to get here." Another said, "These were probably the best weeks of my life, because I knew I had people to listen no matter what was going on in my life." And yet another speaker summed it up by saying, "I never felt judged and that's a beautiful thing." Click here to see more photos by Jeff Kan Lee. Read more at

Oaxaca in the Wine CountryOaxaca in the Wine Country in Roseland, July 3, 2016. Click here to see more photos by Jeff Kan Lee. "Oaxaca in the Wine Country" is one of a series of cultural events that celebrate diversity of Mexican & Latin traditions in Sonoma County, California

SRJC HEP Graduation CelebrationSRJC HEP, the High School Equivalency Program, celebrated the graduation of the Class of Summer 2016 on Thursday, June 30 under the oaks with a reception following.
Click here to see more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Ricardo Navarrette retires!Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee of Ricardo Navarrette, in his garden at his Healdsburg home. Navarrette is retiring as Vice President, Student Services at SRJC and is being honored for his dedication with a celebration at SRJC's Shone Farm in July, 2016. Click here to read an in-depth bio of Ricardo and Luz Navarrette, Couple of the Month from La Voz July 2007. Family, early days, old photos!

Ricardo NavarretteClick here for candid photos by Ani Weaver of those who attended the State of the Latino Community event. Ricardo Navarrette, (right) Vice President, Student Services at SRJC was honored for his dedication.

Luz NavarretteLuz Navarrette's retirement party at Bertolini Student Center, SRJC, on April 12, 2014. Click here for photos by Ani Weaver.

Maria de los AngelesMaria de los Angeles, Spring exhibition: Santa Rosa City Hall: Exploring the Immigrant's Experience. Photos from the artist's Reception: April 22, 2016. This is an important exhibition of recent work by Santa Rosa's emerging artist: Here is Maria's description of the show: "I am exploring the immigrant's experience and my experience as an "undocumented" person. I invite you to see my latest work. A portion of the sales will go to Casa del Migrante in Tijuana." The exhibition will continue until June 2, 2016. Santa Rosa city Hall Hours: Monday-Thursday--8:00 AM-5:00 PM; Every other Friday: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM. Click here to see photos by Jeff Kan Lee

Cinco de Mayo in Roseland 2016Roseland Cinco de Mayo Celebration 2016! A great community event with food, entertainment, games, information and more! Click here to see photos by Jeff Kan Lee

Robotics ChallengeRobotics Challenge. County Economic Development Board to create this program, which is now in its fourteenth year. Since its inception, the Robotics Challenge has reached over 110 local elementary and middle schools, involving over 3,000 students and 175 teachers. Click here to see photos by Jeff Kan Lee

Mariana Castillo DeballMariana Castillo Deball Mariana Castillo Deball, Exhibit at the San Francisco Art Institute, 800 Chestnut Street. Feathered Changes, Serpent Disappearances. If you have not been to SFAI recently or ever, walk through the historic courtyard and all the way through on the left ... the gallery will be on your left as you step out on to the roof deck with the stunning view. Parking is, surprisingly, not terrible during the day. This fascinating show is being created and curated by Deball, a Mexico City-born artist well know for her installations that explore the role that objects play in our understanding of identity and history. She is particularly drawn to the neglected objects of the archive, engaging in prolonged periods of research and fieldwork particularly with collections of Mayan and pre-Columbian artifacts. Click here to see photos by Ani Weaver.

Domestic Workers bill of rightsCampaign kickoff rally for ALMAS, the domestic worker group of the Graton Day Labor Center, who successfully pushed for historic legislation winning overtime pay for domestic workers in California. They have to return to Gov. Brown before the bill expires to ensure these basic labor rights are made permanent. Click here to see photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Octavio Octavio Díaz at Persimmon in Healdsburg shows the La Voz staff how to eat a gourmet dish. Click here to read: Persons of the Month, Octavio and Pedro Díaz and Danny Mai, Lunch on the Plaza with the Chefs, by Ramon Meraz. Click here to see beautiful photos of the food served by Octavio and Danny Mai and brother, Pedro.

UFW Overtime MarchApril 3, 2016: Let’s march for farm workers rights! 2:00 p.m. Gather at 665 Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95407 (Dollar Tree). Overtime for farm workers who need to work more than 10 hours per day or 60 hours per week to get paid overtime! Call 707-528-3039 or text JUSTICE to 877877 for more information. Sponsored by KBBF Radio and the Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma Co. Click here to see photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Melanie CervantesClick here to see photos by Jeff Kan Lee. March 24, 2016: SSU DREAMers Club: Melanie Cervantes "Sisters at the Center: The Art of Dignidad Rebelde" Melanie Cervantes (Xicana) has never lived far from the California Coast having been born in Harbor City, California and raised in a small city in the South Bay of Los Angeles. Now making her home in the San Francisco Bay Area she creates visual art that is inspired by the people around her and her communities’ desire for radical change and social transformation.

Berta CáceresBerta Cáceres, March 4, 1973 – March 3, 2016.
Click here to read Ramon Meraz on Berta Caceres from the May, 2015 issue of La Voz.
“En un país donde ha crecido la desigualdad socioeconómica y la violación de derechos humanos, Berta Cáceres organizó al pueblo Lenca de Honduras y emprendió una campaña de base que triunfó en su esfuerzo de presionar al constructor más grande de represas a nivel mundial para que éste retirara su apoyo del proyecto hidroeléctrico de Agua Zarca”.
Goldman Foundation.
“In a country with growing socioeconomic inequality and human rights violations, Berta Cáceres rallied the indigenous Lenca people of Honduras and waged a grassroots campaign that successfully pressured the world’s largest dam builder to pull out of the Agua Zarca Dam.” — Goldman Foundation.

Mi corazón se siente muy mal ahora. Hace un año tuve la increíble suerte de entrevistar a Berta Cáceres en la Ceremonia de Entregra de Reconocimientos Goldman por el Ambientalismo. Berta falleció el 2 de marzo, bajo las manos de la avaricia monetaria, pues ella levantó su voz por lo que ella creía, por los necesitados y por nuestro planeta. Su muerte me hace sentir terrible, pero puede ser la inspiración para luchar por lo que es nuestro derecho y llevar una voz por aquellos que no la tienen.— Ramón Meraz

My heart is so heavy today. A year ago I had the incredible luck to interview Berta Cáceres at the Goldman Environmental Prize Award Ceremony . She died today, March 2, at the hands of monetary greed, because she stood up for what she believed, for the little guy, and for our planet. Her death makes me extremely sad , but may her inspiration bring us all strength to stand up for what is right and to bring voice to the ones who do not have one.
— Ramon Meraz, La Voz

Roseland Area Projects Open House Community Workshop 4: was held in the Roseland Village Neighborhood Center, 779 Sebastopol Road. City of Santa Rosa wants to hear your ideas about the future of the Roseland area for Roseland Area Annexation – to include properties not currently in the City limits as part of the City of Santa Rosa; and Roseland Area/Sebastopol Road Specific Plan – to create a shared vision for the future of the area that is generally bounded by Highway 12 to the north, Bellevue Avenue to the south, Highway 101 to the east, and Stony Point Road to the west. Share your thoughts on potential policy topics (action items) of the plan. Participants got a preview of the draft plan that has been developed based on community input at previous workshops, including: Potential public improvements and Land use and circulation map; Learn about and provide input on the potential annexation. For info, contact Jessica Jones at jjones@ or 707-543-3410, or visit the project website at .lanning for the future of the Roseland Community at the Roseland Community Center. February 18, 2016. Click here for photos By Jeff Kan Lee

HYP MixerHispanic Chamber Young Professionals February 2016 Mixer featuring Films by Northbay Dreamers at Kerosky, Purves & Bogue, LLP. HYP members supporter the DREAMers while they told their stories. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Martha NuñézLongtime Windsor resident Martha E. Núñez died peacefully in her family home on Feb. 11, surrounded by family and love. Click here to read obituary and see photos by Ani Weaver, taken at the memorial reception catered by Octavio Diaz.

Pierre Bonnard at Legion of Honor, SFPierre Bonnard: Painting Arcadia, through May 15, 2016 at the Legion of Honor museum in San Francisco. Click here to see close ups, brush strokes and vignettes of the paintings taken at the Press Preview by Ani Weaver. Click here to see a gallery of high res photos from the museum's collection. More info is available at

Los Cien LuncheonLos Cien Higher Education Luncheon. Two terrific local college Leaders, discussed how their colleges prepare and are working to educate the growing demographics of Latino students. Santa Rosa Junior College, currently at 32%, while Sonoma State University is 2% and both growing! Two hundred community members joined Los Cien to get the latest on how both colleges are working hard to meet the growing demographics of our Latino students, to create the success path for students to Graduate.
Presenting for Sonoma State, current and yet preparing to retire in June of this year our dear friend, President, Dr. Ruben Armiñana, completing some 24 years of dedication to Sonoma State, and our community. And good friend, President Dr. Frank Chong, of Santa Rosa Junior College, as well a strong partner of the community. — by Herman J. Hernandez. Click here to see 93 photos of the event by Ani Weaver.

Socorro ShielsSanta Rosa City Schools Superintendent Socorro Shiels invited you to join her at “Soup with the Superintendent”! Superintendent Shiels was available to discuss concerns and answer your questions about Santa Rosa City Schools. There was no agenda, just an open forum to talk about relevant issues happening across the district. Warm soup and meaningful discussion! Click here to see photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Coffee with a copSanta Rosa Police Department hosted a Coffee with a Cop event on January 14th at Sam's For Play. Officers from the SRPD and community members came together in an informal, neutral space to discuss community issues, build relationships, and drink coffee. Over 8 members of the Santa Rosa Police Department were in attendance, including Chief of Police, Robert Schreeder and Captain Craig Schwartz. Click here to see photos by Jeff Kan Lee. Click here to read story by Jeneane Kucker, SRPD.

Maria  de los Angeles DRREAMers filmMaria and Chris Kerosky attended the showing of the Northbay Dreamer Documentary film on our friend Maria de Los Angeles at the Third Street Cinema January 12, 2016. Click here to see photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Roofless Art ExhibitRoofless is an exhibition of art created specifically about the housing crisis in Sonoma County, or which relates to the conversation, a crisis caused by the lack of reasonably priced housing. Artists create ruthless/roofless art that can defeat a ruthless situation. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee. Click here to read Sin Techo– Arte en contra de Desplazamiento/ Roofless-Art Against Displacement. A night full of activism por/by Francisco Lozano.

US Border with Mexico i Depression Era CaliforniaClick here for PART I special feature in La Voz December issue, A forgotten story of a Mexican tragedy–Repatriation in Depression Era California, by Craig Davis. Click here for PART II. Click here to see more old photos andcolor postcards of this era.

Collete T's at Biella SchoolCan you imagine over 60 second graders learning about the possibilities a college education can afford them plus getting a college tee? It was an amazing event. Dec. 11 at Biella Elem. School College Tee  Project Assembly, (CTP) is a non-profit organization from Santa Rosa, Ca.Through CTP, we have a goal to hand out over 3,000 college tees for they 2015 - 2016 academic year. CTP holds assemblies at participating elementary school were we hand out college tees to 2nd graders along with a personal note from a college grad about his or her college experience. Each College Tee package also includes basic information regarding college opportunities and a road map to college. Click here for College Tee Project packet. Click here for more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Biella latino Family Literacy ProjectAt Biella School, Santa Rosa. Click here to see more photos by Jeff Kan Lee. Latino family literacy program at Biella. Here are a few pictures of the parents in the literacy class, and some of the wonderful bilingual books they are using. The homework is to share the books with their families at home, and one of the components of the program is creating a family album with pictures and everything. SRCS got a grant for us to do this program in the Family Engagement Center at Biella from 2:30 to 4:30 PM, the parents shared their albums, and the second hour was a potluck with the children.

Anayeli Cruz DREAMerClick here to see photos of four DREAMers who spoke about their experiences, Stories, Struggles and Hopes, growing up undocumented at Jewish Congregation Shomrei Torah, December 11, 2015. Anayeli Cruz (above), Ariana Aparicio, Jesús Guzman and Luis Bravo shared. Click here to read about Jesús Guzman and his work at the Graton Day Labor Center. Scroll down to the March 2015 issue of La Voz.

Lucy GudielClick here to read Lucy Gudiel: Child of Community Action, La Voz Person of the Month for November. by Craig Davis, English y español. Light! Power! and a Good Deal! EL MENSAJE DE LUCY GUDIEL A LA COMUNIDAD. “Rodéense de personas que piensen diferente a ustedes, pero con quien compartan sus valores principales. Visualicen lo que deseen que suceda. Esto los va a ayudar a mantenerse en la ruta correcta. Formen “campeones” que apoyen su causa, por ejemplo un asesor, un entrenador. Necesitan influenciar las fortalezas de otras personas para maximizar el impacto y alcanzar sus metas. Muchas personas piensan que el éxito se trata de ellas mimas (y de sus logros). Pero se necesita de otras personas para que les ayuden a construir ese puente que conduce al logros de sus metas”.
LUCY GUDIEL’S MESSAGE TO THE COMMUNITY. “Surround yourself with people that think differently than yourself, but who share your core values. Visualize what you want to see happen. This will help you stay on track. Build “champions” to support your cause, i. e. a mentor, a coach. You need to leverage other people’s strengths to maximize impact and reach your goals. Many people think success is all about yourself (and your accomplishments). But your need others to help you build that bridge to achieve your goals.” Click here to see more photos of Lucy Gudiel.

Los Cien LuncheonLos Cien Luncheon on October 30, 2015 featured Senator Mike McGuire,  Assemblyman Marc Levine, and Assemblyman Bill Dodd. Our State Legislators are pleased to be joining, Los Cien, for a lunch conversation, updating us about passed bills, they have authored, effects of these new bills to our community, coming 2016, update on current approved State Budget and how they see it may filter into our communities. Their thoughts, on affordable housing,  living wage and Universal Pre School, just to start with, and that's alot. We again thank our Legislatures, for taking the time to meet with Los Cien, and Amigos, and having a community dialog. Exciting program! — Herman J. Hernandez. Click here to see 126 photos of Los Cien and Amigos by Ani Weaver.

Jefferson AwardsSonoma County Board of Supervisors honored five Sonoma County nonprofit organizations and community leaders. Friends of La Voz Herman J. Hernandez and Vince Harper, May His Memory be for a Blessing),received the Jefferson Awards for public service in Sonoma County. Vince Harper, for two decades working to improve the lives of youth, especially those at high risk of falling into a lifetime of gangs, drugs and poverty.
Herman J. Hernandez, for being the driving force behind the formation of Los Cien Sonoma County, which promotes understanding of the Latino community. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Youth Connections GraduationCelebrate with our future leaders as they obtain their high school dipoma at the CAP Sonoma Youth Connections Graduation Ceremony held at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts on Nov. 6, 2015. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Roseland libraryNov. 14, 2015: Roseland Library Grand Opening Celebration! located at 779 Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa, 95407. Bilingual storytime with Olga Loya, face painting by local artists. Get a library card! Find out about technology available.
Click here for info and schedule.
Call 707-545-0831or Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Roseland Library BenefitRoseland Library Benefit. The Rotary Club of Rohnert Park / Cotati sponsored a Sonoma County multicultural celebration to benefit the Roseland Library computer lab at the site of the library on Sunday October 18, 2015. Click here to see photos of the traditional dancers by Jeff Kan Lee.

Indigenous Peoples Day SRJCCelebrating Indigenous Peoples Day at Santa Rosa Junior College. Entertainment by Native Resistance, Manchester Pomo Dance Group and Danza Azteca Xantotl. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Los Cien State of the Latino CommunityState of the LatinoCommunity in Sonoma County. Los Cien had a breakfast meeting at Sonoma State University this morning to discuss the state of the Latino Community. Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee

Click here for photos of other October 2015 events, Grand Opening of the Roseland Village; Yolanda Martinez, La Voz Person of the Month for October; Artists Rebeca Trevino and Maria Esther Sund; CAP Partnership Breakfast; the Hispanic Chamber and the Fiesta at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts; the Brain Fair and the West 9th Street Walk.

KBBF Pupusa Fundraiser, Maria CañasCelebramos la independencia de México y Centro-América. Community members came to the KBBF fiesta September 19, with live music, great food (carnitas and pupusas), drinks, and a chance to thump on Trump.And the best part, to support KBBF 89.1 FM, La Voz de tu Comunidad! Photo: Maria Cañas serving pupusas to the crowd.  Click here to see Jeff Kan Lee's photos of this special event.

Herman HernandezRead about Herman Hernandez, Person of the Month from the November, 2013 issue. Click here...
"Los Cien's event at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts on August 28, 2015 was the gateway to Hispanic Heritage Month and it seems we only improve the awareness and out reach better each year," said Herman Hernandez. "The vision of Los Cien is to create a platform that brings awareness of many issues in our community, but yesterday it was culture, tradition and arts to all of you, pertaining to the Latino Community! For me reminding me of my family roots and being proud to share this with all my friends and community! I understand that this is just a very small piece to share. But as we begin Latino Heritage Month from September 15th thru October 15th, there will be many more programs such as the one yesterday and more to be able to experience with friends, family and community.
   Click here to see Jeff Kan Lee's photos of this special event including entertainment by the Mariachi Camp students, dancers and Carlos Reyes.

Carlos ReyesCarlos Reyes entertained at the Los Cien Luncheon to begin Hispanic Heritage Month. He is playing the Peruvian Harp. The videos are posted on the La Voz Bilingual Newspaper Facebook Fans group. These videos will be live soon. They take a long time to upload.

Mariachi Camp performanceGo to the La Voz Bilingual Newspaper Facebook Fans group to see a video of Jose Soto, Jr. and the Mariachi Camp playing Cielito Lindo at the Wells Fargo Center for the Los Cien Hispanic Heritage Luncheon. They take a long time to upload.

Sonoma County MuseumHispanic Chamber of Sonoma County held their August 20 mixer at the new Sonoma County Museum. The museum is an extension of the Sonoma County Art Museum with an additional building located on B Street. This new addition presents national and international exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. The museum showcases artists who reside and worked in Northern California as well.  Guests enjoyed an evening of culture, appetizers and drinks while networking with professionals throughout Sonoma County! Click here to see photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Mariachi CampGo to the La Voz Bilingual Newspaper Facebook Fans group to see a video of the Mariachi Camp students playing DeColores. 2015 was the inaugural year for Mariachi Camp, the only program of its kind in the North Bay. Mariachi Camp was specifically developed by Wells Fargo Center for the Arts staff along with Jose Soto, Jr, a member of Mariachi Barragan and co-founder of the Mariachi Club at Elsie Allen High School in Santa Rosa, to introduce students to Mariachi music. The goal of Mariachi Camp was to present students with an introduction to playing an instrument and to mariachi music. Click here to see photos of classes and performance by Jeff Kan Lee

SRJC Latino/a Graduation ReceptionSRJC Latino/a Graduation reception honoring the Latino/a graduates with an Aztec dance ceremony. Click here to see photos by Jeff Kan Lee

Maria de los AngelesMaria de los Angeles has done great work to contribute to our community. One City Arts just finished it second successful summer arts program. Photos of the arts camp by Jeff Kan Lee are also in this gallery. We wish Maria the very best in her new endeavor, Art Instructor at Pratt Art Institute. We love you Maria! Click here to see photos of her latest paintings.

Roseland Headstart closesPhotos from the farewell ceremony at the Roseland Head Start, leaving after twenty years to make room for Rosalind University Prep. Efren Carrillo talks to the community and some Headstart kids entertain. Click here for the photos.

Family Fun FiestaFamily Fun Fiesta
Via Esperanza invited the community on Wednesday, May 27, 2015 to enjoy a day full of activities for the whole family while learning safety skills that will help you stay safe and healthy during summer! Sports and Games for Children; Kindergarten Registrations; Cooking Demonstrations; Martial Arts; Health and Safety Information, Prizes and Raffles and Food! Click here for photos by Jeff Kan Lee

Safari WestSafari West, on Porter Creek Road in Santa Rosa, authentic African Adventure. La Voz saw giraffe, all sorts of fleet four footed creatures, zebras, big cats, you name it, and great and interesting birds. Tours are about 3 hours and lots of fun. Take a look. Click here for photos.

Los Cien and Santa Rosa SymphonyApril 30, 2015, 79th Los Cien Sonoma County Luncheon, at the Flamingo Resort, The Santa Rosa Symphony, the third oldest professional orchestra in the State of California! Presented by Mr. Alan Silow, the Executive Director, sharing history and the Symphony's, desire for Classical music to inspire our youth: having an opportunity to create real change in the community; and providing Sonoma County students equal access to music education to underserved schools. Plus a Live presentation, on stage at the luncheon, of an ongoing musical program called "Simply Strings" made up of 40 children from Sheppard Elementary School. A performance you will not want to miss. Be prepared that this performance will bring tears to your eyes! Wow! Creating a Difference? — by Herman J. Hernandez. Click here to see photos by Ani Weaver

Cali KicksGerardo Sanchez and Cali Kicks Martial Arts Academy: Taekwondo! Call us at 707-535-0368 for Summer Camp information. Click here to see photos by Karen Perez. Mural by Daniel Lopez: The Cali Kicks Martial arts mural is dedicated to the idea of unity. It imagines the unity of spirit and mind and body through the practice of Taekwondo and the unity of cultures orking together to achieve a common and meaningful purposen  the study of martial arts as envisioned by Koreans and practiced at Cali Kicks Martial Arts Academy.It also sees the unity of past, present and future within a cosmic sense. 3445 Sebastopol Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95407,

Cali Kicks KidsClick here to see photos by Jeff Kan Lee of the Cali Kicks Martial Arts Academy program for young children. Great fun, good discipline, physical and mental fitness.


Cinco de Mayo Roseland 2015Cinco de Mayo Festival in Roseland, May 5, 2015. Click here to see 24 photos by Jeff Kan Lee. Aztec dancers, accordion player, musicians, vintage car show, kids activities and good food!

Cinco de Mayo 2015Cinco de Mayo Festival in Roseland, May 5, 2015, a great celebration. Click here to read all about it! Click here for 182 candids of the people who attended the event and the great food being served, photos by Ani Weaver. Are you there?

Dream Center OPening SRJCSRJC grand opening of The Dream Center May 4th, a one-stop service center for undocumented students new to SRJC, located in Plover Hall, adjacent to Admissions & Records on the Santa Rosa campus. Our vision for The Dream Center is to expand access and services in a safe, caring setting. Students will receive personalized attention on matters related to the AB540 affidavit, their Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) verification, the BOG Fee Waiver, the CA Dream Act, and the SRJC enrollment process in general. Congratulations to SRJC! Click here for photos by Ani Weaver

CrazytownElsie Allen High School Drama Department presents Jonathan Rand’s insanely funny, family friendly, brand new comedy, Crazytown! Directed by Rob Burt, this show l had everyone laughing The Elsie Allen Drama Department brings students together to showcase their talent and share their passion for their art with the community. Students build a long lasting understanding of the value of commitment and develop a deep appreciation for the arts. Click here for rehearsal photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Pocho SanchezFrom Incarceration to Transformation: Realignment and Re-Entry Conference. Friday April 10, 2015. Presented by the Santa Rosa Violence Prevention Partnership and the City of Santa Rosa. Click here for more photos by Pocho Sanchez, see his work at

Jenny Chamberlain and Sylvia LemusSt. Paddy's Day Event, March 18, sponsored by David Rabbit, So. Co. supervisor, at the Rooster Run Golf club in Petaluma. Herman J. Hernandez as usual with bubbling enthusiasm called for Latino participants to show Supervisor Rabbit that we are a group that needs to be heard! Jenny Chamberlain and Sylvia Lemus enjoy the show. Click here for more photos by Ani Weaver.

Faces of RoselandClick here for "Faces of Roseland" photo exhibit by Ani Weaver. Herman J. Hernandez says: It's a Public meeting! Roseland Village Neighborhood Center, March 5, 2015. 6-8pm, Roseland Elementary School Multi-purpose room, 950 Sebastopol Rd., Santa Rosa. We Filled the Gym! We came together as a whole community to support our neighbors and residents of the Roseland community. I ask you!  Do you like to be told what is best for you? YES! but the menu was pre-arranged. Many of you are always saying we are not being HEARD! Well are you attending these meetings to get informed and be heard? We took action to make the best choices among those what were given to us. La Voz will have a story soon.

I am part of the Partnership"I Am Part of the Partnership" event at the Finley Center, February 4, 2015. The Santa Rosa Violence Prevention Partnership invited the community to celebrate the rebrand and the community's continuing support. Click here to see more photos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Pozole NightPOZOLE NIGHT! a benefit for the Roseland Elementary School Uniform Program and the Padres Unidos Leadership and Training Group. Roseland Elem. School and Padres Unidos Friday, January 30, participants got a medium bowl of Pozole, aguas frescas, pizza, nachos, cookies, and raffle prizes! Thank you Carlos del Pozo and the rest of the people who made it happen. Click here to see more photos by La Voz photographer Jeff Kan Lee.

Omar MedinaClick here to see more photos by Jeff Kan Lee of the Los Cien Holiday Luncheon. Pictured, Omar Medina.


Giovanni and Diego DREAMers Film ProjectClick here to see more photos by Jeff Kan Lee. Life long buddies Gio Abertolli (left) and Diego Jimenez at the DREAMers Film Project screening at the Human Rights Commission, December 16, 2014. Spearheaded by Christopher Kerosky, the nonprofit aims to tell the story of the DREAMers and how their lives have been changed by DACA, the Executive Order that President Obama issued in 2012.  The purpose is to reach some Americans who may have very inaccurate and stereotypic views of undocumented immigrants. Just released! Click here to see the first video profile of our DREAMers of the North Bay Documentary Film Project. Or if you prefer, you can watch it on YouTube. You can also see their website.

Herman G. HernandezClick here for photos. He’s 28 years old. He’s the first Latino and youngest person to be elected as a trustee on the Sonoma County Board of Education. He will be sworn in on December 4th. Then he will rush back to Guerneville to deliver a speech for the tree lighting to open his hometown’s three day Holiday Extravaganza. His name is Herman Gabriel Hernandez. Click here to read the article in the December 2014 issue of La Voz, "A native Son of Sonoma County" by Craig Davis.

Roseland CupCALLING ALL SOCCER PLAYERS! Players from all over Santa Rosa, the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Dep't, and former professionals competed for the ROSELAND CUP at Elsie Allen High School on November 1. The Roseland Cup Trophy represents the greatness of Santa Rosa and its people — skill, determination, and diversity of those who call Santa Rosa hom e— our ability to overcome challenges in the face of adversity through collaboration and teamwork. The day was full of food, music, and other entertainment. Click here to see pPhotos by Jeff Kan Lee.

Napa Bilingual StorytimeBilingual Storytimes for Kids at the Napa Library. Bring the whole family to these fun and interactive bilingual storytimes held at the Napa Library, located at 580 Coombs Street in Napa, every Tuesday from 11:15 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. Whether Spanish is your family’s first language, or you would like it to be their second language, everyone is welcome! Storytimes are free and no registration is required. Please contact Kelli Crouch at 707-253-4079 Click here to see photos by Jeff Kan Lee

Houghton HallHoughton Hall: Portrait of an English Country House October 18, 2014 – January 18, 2015 Legion of Honor —The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco present Houghton Hall: Portrait of an English Country House, an exhibition drawn from the collections of a quintessential English country house. Built in Norfolk in the 1720s for England’s first prime minister, Sir Robert Walpole, Houghton Hall features suites of grand rooms conceived by architect William Kent as settings for Walpole’s old master paintings, furniture, tapestries and Roman antiquities. “Houghton Hall brings to San Francisco a wonderful array of objects from one of Britain’s great country houses, and reflects the history of this magnificent estate across nearly 300 years, from the 18th century to the present day. It is particularly fitting that this exhibition is being displayed at the Legion of Honor, complementing our recently reinstalled collection of British paintings and decorative arts,” said Colin B. Bailey, director of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Click here to see photos by Jeff Kan Lee of this fabulous exhibit.

Frank ChongState of the Latino Community 2014, organized by Los Cien, Sonoma County Latino Leaders, "Building Bridges since 2009" was held October 2, 2014 at the Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa. Click here to see photos of the event by La Voz Bilingual Newspaper photographer, Jeff Kan Lee. Dr. Frank Chong, President, SRJC, (pictured) spoke on Perspectives on the State of Education for Latinos in Sonoma County along with Dr. Ruben Armiñana, President, SSU.

Herman H. HernandezMany kudos to Herman Hernandez and the Los Cien Steering Committee who organized this inaugural session. The purpose of Los Cien, Latino Leaders of Sonoma County, is to build bridges, creating connection between Latinos and the overall community. Same purpose as La Voz Bilingual Newspaper who started the ball rolling almost 14 years ago. November issue of La Voz will have a feature by Craig Davis on the information that came out of this conference. Click here to see Craig Davis' photos of the event

Alicia Sanchez, KBBF-FMKBBF-FM Bilingual Radio 89.1 FM. One more year and KBBF Radio continues on the air! Being a 100% volunteer force these past three years and despite many obstacles, KBBF has continued to improve and strengthen its operations and programming, forming alliances and developing new programs to further our goal of providing information and education to the community. Thank you so much for your continued support of KBBF. Without your support KBBF would not be able to continue broadcasting. By giving a donation to KBBF, you are participating in helping to serve the community. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to keep this valuable community resource on the air. Go to, or come to the new offices at 1700 Corby Ave., Suite B, Santa Rosa, or mail your donation to P.O. Box 7189, Santa Rosa, CA 95407. From Alicia Sanchez, Board President. Click here to see more photos from the recent KBBF Fundraising event by Ani Weaver.

Anderson CollectionThe Anderson Collection is one of the largest and most outstanding private collections of 20th-century American art in the world, now being shown at Stanford University. Click here to see vignettes of the paintings by Ani Weaver unfortunately taken with a cell phone. Next to the vignette is hopefully the poster that names the artist, date, etc, but they do get mixed up. There are also posters that describe different periods of the art displayed. This online photo gallery is for art students and art lovers who want to see the technique and details of a work of art, how its done. Then go to the museum to see the whole thing, or go to the exhibit's website! Click: to read about the exhibit and see the paintings.

Save Water!At the City of Santa Rosa DIY event in August 2014, participants Learned practical, ‘do-it-yourself’ solutions from the experts including how to: sheet mulch your water-thirsty lawn; program irrigation controllers; convert to drip irrigation; choose drought-tolerant and native plants; install a greywater system; harvest rainwater; plant a water-wise garden. Master skills and confidence to implement drought-busting solutions to help your garden not just survive the dry months, but actually THRIVE! See how at www.savingwater AND click here to see photos of the event by Ani Weaver.

Fermentation FestivalLacto-fermented cucumber pickles, green beans, zucchini, carrots and peppers. Click here for recipe from “the kitchn.” Photo by Ani Weaver.

Farm to Fermentation Festival was held August 24, at the Finley Center, in Santa Rosa. Participants learned how to make pro-biotic rich salt brine deliciously fermented sour pickles from many different vegetables. Also, fermented beverages, sauerkraut, cheese and beverage pairing with cider, and other adult beverages. Fermentation is the original form of post-harvest preservation. A lot easier and more healthful than boiling water canning baths! Click here to see photos of the Festival, products, people, methods. For everything you need to know about salt-brine preservation go to: Cultures for Health, information is in English.

Cotati Accordion Festival Andre ThieryCotati Accordion Festival. August 16-17. Click here to see photos of everyone enjoying Sunday's Cajun Zydeco party by Ani Weaver

One City Arts Show - Maria de los AngelesStudents who participated in the One City Arts program created by Maria de los Angeles exhibited their work at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts on August 10, 2014. A great time was had by all, listening to live music and eating the palette cake, a rainbow of colors! Click here to see photos by Ani Weaver.

American Craft Council 2014AMERICAN CRAFT COUNCIL SAN FRANCISCO SHOWAugust 8-10, 2014
Fort Mason Center, Festival Pavilion
It was a three-day celebration of all things handmade! More than 225 of the top contemporary jewelry, clothing, furniture, and home décor artists from across the country gathered under one roof. A chance to touch, feel, and explore high-quality American craft like you’ve never seen before! This show is the largest juried craft show west of the Rockies – a must-attend for craft lovers! Click here to see photos of the exhibits by Ani Weaver.

North Bay Organizing Project's NOCHE SABROSA! August 2, 5–10 p.m. Community Church of Sebastopol. Live music with Los Ritmicos, dance lessons with Jose Santa Maria and all you can eat Taquisa/Taco Bar, sangria and wine. Click here for poster in English:/ Haga clic aquí para español. Support the NBOP's good works and have fun too! Click here for photos by Ani Weaver. Click here to see the complete photo gallery.

Jeff Kan Lee - One City ArtsArt as a form of emotional healing:
Free art classes help children cope with Andy López’s death.

Story by A. Vargas, Los Angeles Correspondent (read entire story in English and Spanish in the August issue of La Voz. Click here to see great photos of the One city Arts Project by Jeff Kan Lee and Maria de los Angeles.

Maria de los AngelesMaria de Los Angeles | Fine Art Maria de Los Angeles is spending a brief time in Santa Rosa, over-seeing the "One City Arts" project. She completed a very successful year at Yale University and will complete her Master of Fine Arts degree next Spring. She will be exhibiting, for sale, many new paintings. If you are interested in buying Maria's artwork or commissioning a piece to support her last year at Yale please call her at 707 484-1770 or email her at for a private viewing. The art sold this summer will help pay for her supplies and other costs. Thank you for your support! Click here to see more of Maria's paintings. Thanks to Jack Leissring for sending them.

Mariachi Sol de México de José HernándezMariachi Sol de México de José Hernández breaks audience record at the Green Music Center.
On July 31, the Santa Rosa Symphony performed with a special guest, Mariachi Sol de Mexico, at the Green Music Center of SSU. It was the first time in the 87 years of SRS had an audience of 5,000 attendees! Click here to see photos by Craig Davis and Ani Weaver. If you are on Facebook, click here to see a video of Mariachi Sol de México singing "Bésame Mucho."

Sonoma County FairSonoma County Fair 2014! Special Attractions! Carnival, exhibits, contest, fair food, Flower Show, Greentivities, horse racing in the Wine Country. Información en español. Click here to see photos by Craig Davis.

Jewish Free ClinicThe Jewish Free Clinic has a new home!
50 Montgomery Drive, Santa Rosa 95404 • Phone 707-585-7780. Drawing on Jewish traditions of Tzedakah (charity) and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world), we offer free medical care for anyone in need, without regard to ethnicity, race or religion. We offer an atmosphere of respect, empowerment and partnership with our patients, and strive to assist them in attaining full health and well-being. Click here to see photos of the opening of the new clinic by Ani Weaver.

Hispanic Chamber Scholarship winners
Click here to see photos by Owen Scott Shirwo of the 26th Annual Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Sonoma County’s Scholarship Awards Gala celebrating the accomplishments of outstanding Latino/a students. Havana Nights, June 21, 2014 at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa. The winners are: Janet Anguiano, Sonoma State University; Christian Barbosa, Healdsburg High School; Arlene Carreno, Roseland University Prep; Maria Flores,
Sonoma Valley HS; Luis Cristian Guerrero, Healdsburg HS; Vanessa Guzman, Santa Rosa HS; Jose Guzman Dominguez, Healdsburg HS; Jimmy Juarez, Colgate University; Angelica Lezama, El Molino HS; Jonathan Lopez, Healdsburg HS; Maria Lopez Guzman, RUP; Anabel Mata, Elsie Allen HS; Jasmine Rivera, SRJC; Ana Ruiz Gonzalez, Healdsburg HS; Valentina Salazar, RUP; Laura Sanchez, SRJC; Lesly Sauceda, SSU; Claudia Serrano, SSU; Elisa Silva, RUP; Xochitl Tlatilpa, Clark University.

SRJC Latino/a GraduationClick here to see photos of the first Santa Rosa Junior College Latino/a Graduation reception held on May 23. Students received AA degrees, will be transferring to State Colleges and University or received a GED. Congratulations for the accomplishment and all of the hard work!

Dalia Martinez of "The Naked Pig" Click here to see photos of People of the Month, Dalia Martinez and Jason Sakach, The Naked Pig restaurant, by Owen Scott Shirwo. All pigs are naked unless they're Disney pigs, but at The Naked Pig, the new super-small farm to table restaurant in Santa Rosa, they’re dressed up in delicious dishes such. Nearly everything at the Naked Pig is home made and locally sourced. Moreover, it’s all about the community that all around them. The words “Farm to Table” are emblazoned on the outside of the building, once the Greyhound Bus Depot.

SSU RAZA Graduation 2014Click here to see photos of the Sonoma State RAZA Graduation by Analee Weaver, on May 9, 2014. Congratulations to all the students! Many were the first to graduate in their families and all were grateful to their parents and those who supported them.

Healdsburg Garden TourClick here to see photos of the Healdsburg Garden Tour by Analee Weaver, May 9, 2014. A benefit for many worthwhile charities. Thanks to Linda Pardini for donating tickets to La Voz.

Dr. Ellie Galvez' SSU ClassFrom Ellie Galvez of Sonoma State University: Thanks Ani Weaver for visiting my class this afternoon. My Education 295-CIP (Community Involvement Project) is an undergraduate course students can repeat up to four semesters. They read and reflected on an article they chose from this newspaper. La Voz only highlights the positive issues and people in the bilingual community and
also presents both sides on controversial issues. Ani and I were amazed by the response students brought. Our next step is for them to have an article written to be published about their own community work. I love my job experiences with awesome students that promise so much! Click here to see more photos by Ani Weaver.

Black Chamber of Commerce EventClick here to see more photos by Ani Weaver of the Black Chamber of Commerce's Special event. Great music, dance and terriffic food.

Hispanic chamber MixerSonoma County Hispanic Chamber Mixer was held at CPI, California Parenting Institute. Click here to see a few photos of the event.

Jenny ChamberlainMarcos SuarezJoanna PulidoEduardo Vasquez
Two great events this week: Very First Latino Leaders at SSU Club Fundraiser! at Agave Restaurant & Bar, March 4, 2014, and the Hispanic Chamber Young Professionals March Fiesta Mixer at Flipside Steakhouse and Sportsbar, March 6, 2014. Click here to see the photos of the very enthusiastic, articulate, focused and committed young people of our community who attended these two mixers. (And some old folks too!). And while you're at it, check out the La Voz Bilingual Newspaper Facebook page, please "like," and become a member of the group, La Voz Bilingual Newspaper Fans to receive the latest news and job announcements.

Bellevue School Opera a la CarteOpera a la Carte: Bellevue School students participate in a performance of Rossini's The Barber of Seville. Opera singers from the San Francisco Opera took the leads. The professional singers are: of course, the one in the dress is the soprano playing the part of Rosina, her name is Maya Kherani; The gentleman in white shirt, red sash, black pants (he does change costumes two times) is playing the part of Count Almaviva, he is the Tenor and his name is Michael Desnoyers. In the tan pants, (he is bald) is playing the part of Figaro, his name is Mark Hernandez. The pianist is Baker Peeples. Click here to see more photos by Owen Scott Shirwo, La Voz Bilingual Newspaper staff photographer. Owen can be reached at 707 539-3940.

Photo GalleryPhoto gallery of the 2014 SRJC HEP GED program graduates. Click here to read a PDF of the story, "Enedina Vera and the SRJC HEP Program. The pursuit of the High School Equivalency Certificate attracts people from all parts of Latin Amer ica who have immigrated to Sonoma County as well as local folks. Some have college degrees from their home countries but wish to be competent in American core subjects or wish to fill in the gaps
in their higher education creden-tials. Others are parents who wish to set an example to their children. Click here to see the photos of the graduates by Michael Amsler. Please add comments if you know these great folks, especially their names!

Photo GalleryPhoto gallery of the 2014 SRJC HEP GED program graduation ceremonies. In 2013 SRJC started up its HEP
Program. HEP, (High School Equivalency Program), is one of fifty federally funded education programs nationwide designed to assist seasonal agricultural farmworkers and their family members in obtaining high school diplomas (GED). HEP also helps students prepare to move on to higher levels of education or training and into more stable and better paid jobs. HEP’s program director at SRJC, Cathy Wilson (right), Beatriz Camargo (left) is its program coordinator. Click here to see the photos of the ceremony and the speaker by Michael Amsler.

SRJC HEP FamiliesPhoto gallery of the families and supporters
of the SRJC HEP 2014 graduates.

Click here
to see the photos by Michael Amsler. So many proud family members and friends. The young ones are next!

Mary Biggs-Redwood Empire IndustriesPerson of the Month
for January 2014: Mary Biggs and Redwood Empire Industries.

"Each person matters in our community," says Mary. Click here for the heart-warming photos of Mary Biggs working with her intellectually challenged clients by Owen Scott Shirwo, La Voz Bilingual Newspaper staff photographer. Owen can be reached at 707 539-3940. Click here to read the story by Craig Davis in English y en español.

Timothy D. Morse, Sr.La Voz was given some sad news recently, former publisher, Timothy D. Morse, Sr. (Santa Rosa Printing) passed away. He has taught us a lot in the printing industry and touched a lot of people with his charm and charisma, as well as being the idea man behind La Voz Bilingual Newspaper. Rest in Peace, Tim. Click here to read Tim's memorium in the December, 2013 issue of La Voz.

Herman J. HernandezLos Cien Sonoma County Latino Leaders "Now is our time" commemorating it's 4th Year Anniversary Celebration, October 16,2013, 5:30- 7:30 at the Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa. Keynote speaker was Raquel F. Donoso, CEO Latino Community Foundaton of San Francisco. What an exciting night! the Latino Leaders of SSU also participated at the event. Thank you Herman Hernandez (Founder of Latino Leaders of Sonoma County) and Gerardo Martin (Latino Leaders of Napa) For recognizing the Latino Leaders at Sonoma State University before everyone at the event tonight. Click here to see photos of the event by Owen Scott Shirwo, La Voz Bilingual Newspaper staff photographer. Owen can be reached at 707 539-3940. Pictured above are Herman J. Hernandez and Geof Syphers, CEO of Sonoma Clean Power.

Fiesta de IndependenciaFiesta de Independencia held at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts in September, 2013. Celebrate Mexican Iindependence Day with food, dance, entertainment and activities for the whole famil. Click here to see photos of the event by Owen Scott Shirwo, La Voz Bilingual Newspaper staff photographer. Owen can be reached at 707 539-3940.

Davis Hawn and BoosterA service dog is the key to independence for many disabled people. Beyond opening doors and flicking light switches, dogs offer companionship and emotional support. Since the service dog concept was founded by Bonita Bergin in 1975, the use of service dogs has spread around the United States and the world. After visiting Cuba in 2011, Bergin University of Canine Studies master student Davis Hawn, (at left) was inspired to bring service dogs to the people of Cuba. With the help of Beatriz de la Osa, (right) a Bergin student from Cuba, the creation of the first Cuban Assistance Dog training facility is underway. It will be called The Booster Center, in honor of Hawn’s yellow Labrador retriever, Booster (with the eye glasses). Click here to see the Flickr photo site for the Bergin Summer 2013 Program Graduation. Click here to read "Diplomatic Service Dog Opens Doors in Cuba and fetches Cuban Student" or "Perro de servicio diplomático abre puertas en Cuba y va a buscar a estudiante cubana"

Aurelio Hurtado

Aurelio Hurtado’s life has been a long march for farmworker’s rights and for those that are underrepresented and consequently disadvantaged. He marched alongside Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta and campaigned for Bobby Kennedy. He joined the Native Americans and African-Americans in a quest for justice and helped found the California Human Development Corporation (CHD), a beacon of hope for the poorest of the poor; the immigrant artists of this beautiful landscape we call the North Bay. After 45 years of working for farmworker’s rights through CHD, Aurelio Hurtado retired this past June, leaving a legacy of service that empowers and inspires. We sat down with him to get a glimpse of the man behind the legend.
Click here
to see more photos and to read the article on Aurelio Hurtado.

REFB Summer Lunch Program
REFB’s Hunger-Free Summer Lunch Program
The REFB Hunger-Free Summer Lunch program kicked off at several sites around the county. Each year REFB helps fill the hunger gap by providing free lunch at 46 Sonoma County locations from June 3 through August 9. This year REFB partnered with Champions for Change –Power Play!, the Center for Well-Being and WHOA Farms to provide fun physical activities, nutrition education and freshly picked organic food for participants. At a recent Santa Rosa kick-off event, City Councilwoman Julie Combs read aloud from the children’s book Potter the Otter about an otter who loves to drink water. Lunch is available for all children ages 18 and under, Monday–Friday during lunchtime hours specified per site. Some sites offer breakfast as well. Click here to read more about the summer lunch program and to find locations.
Click here
to see more photos on our gallery.

RUP Portfolio Day
On Friday, May 24th Roseland University Prep High School in Santa Rosa held Portfolio Day, an inspiring end-of-the-year event that we all look forward to. I was honored to be a panelist. Please click here to see great photos of the students, teachers and panelists. If you know the name of the person in the photo, please don’t hesitate to add it, and give your comments on how the day went for you or the event in general—Ani Weaver
On Portfolio Day, students have the opportunity to present themselves in a professional manner to people they may otherwise not have the opportunity to meet.   Having the confidence to do so will serve them well as young college students and up-and-coming young professionals. Each panel consisted of community members and teachers. Students gave oral presentations to groups of panelists in small classroom settings. Panelists gave feedback on students’ oral presentations and overall presentation skills.

Vamos a Nadar
Vamos a Nadar (Let's Go Swimming) returns for its 10th year! This free bilingual program includes swim classes in the pool for children, water safety lectures for parents, and demonstration of lifesaving techniques. Upon completion of the class, children will receive coupons for a two-week course of swim lessons. Click here to see the schedule and learn more about the program.

KBBF Board of Directors
KBBF Mesa Directiva/ Board of Directors: Dr. Ron Lopez, Ph.D., Laura Arreguin, David Janda, Malinalli Lopez, Alicia Sanchez, Josué Lopez, Santos Molina, Michaele Morales, Maria Mendoza, Carlos Lopez
Happy 40th Anniversary KBBF! On May 31, 2013, our nation celebrates the 40th anniversary of a historic event; the birth of its first public bilingual radio station, our very own gem, KBBF 89.1 FM. The radio station started out as the dream of a few idealists, among them a farm worker, a lawyer, a housewife, a professor and a college student who recognized the need for social change and advocacy in the Latino community. For the last 40 years, KBBF 89.1FM has served the community with information, education, commentary and culturally diverse music within a bilingual format. There have been bumps along the road that have served to highlight KBBF’s resilience, strength and dedication to their mission. Click here to read their story. See 208 photos on the La Voz Flicker site of KBBF for the past 40 years—Click here!

Maria de los AngelesClick here to see Maria's paintings on the
La Voz Flickr site.

We have followed the story of Maria de Los Angeles Cornejo since her days at Santa Rosa Junior College and rallied behind her as she raised funds to meet her scholarship obligation to the prestigious Pratt Institute of Art & Design. See her website We saw her succeed at Pratt and enjoyed her summer exhibits here at home. On May 14, Maria de Los Angeles will be graduating from Pratt Institute and heading off to Yale University for her masters in fine arts degree. The journey hasn’t been without its share of drama. In February of this year, Maria de Los Angeles along with 34 other seniors, lost all of her work in a raging fire that destroyed several studios in the school’s historic Main Building. Click here to read her story and Artist's Statement.

ExploratoriumOn April 17, 2013, the Exploratorium opened at Pier 15 at the heart of the revitalized San Francisco waterfront radically improving access to visitors from all over the world and dramatically enhancing the size and scope of the museum. With three times more space overall than its previous home, the new Exploratorium will engage the curiosity and creativity of visitors of any age as they explore 150 brand-new exhibits amongst more than 600 that will be on view. For the first time, the Exploratorium expands its investigations into the bay, city, and outdoor landscape. Click here to see 196 photos on the La Voz Flickr site. You'll want to go! Click here to read abaout the SF Exploratorium Opening.

Expanding your Horizons Science Conference for GirlsClick here to see photos by Mathew Canniff
Girls Expanding Their Horizons! Each spring, the Sonoma County EYH (Expanding Your Horizons) Chapter holds a free annual conference for 7th and 8th grade students from Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino Counties. Click here to read about science conference for girls in Spanish. Girls Expanding Their Horizons!

Nenita and Lila The Robles Family
Lila Cuevas and Nenita Tapia
(left) and Josefina, Paco and Benjamin Robles (right)
Nenita Tapia and Paco Robles are happy and thriving. They both have Down Syndrome and make use of the various services and resources for the developmentally disabled in our community. There are sports teams, art programs, transitioning services, vacations, transportation, employment services and much more. Contact North Bay Regional Center for more information regarding resources. Click herefor beautiful photos of Nenita and Paco by Ruth Gonzalez and Mathew Canniff.
Click here to read story of Living with Disabilities and Thriving: Nenita Tapia and Paco Robles. Also available as a PDF, click here.

After 43 years, San Francisco’s famous interactive museum is closing up shop at the Palace of Fine Arts to move to Pier 15 on the Embarcadero. To kick off the move the museum decided to take their show on the road. On Sunday March 10th, “On the Road” events were held across San Francisco at the Embarcadero, the Bayview District, and at the Buena Vista Horace Mann School in the Mission. Click here for more photos by Craig Davis.

Click here to read story by Craig Davis, On the Move: SF Exploratorium takes Road Show to the Mission

Cecilia Bartoli Opera Fan? Click here for photos by Ani Weaver of Cecilia Bartoli taken in 2005 at a concert at Zellerbach Hall in Berkeley, California. Click here for Cecilia's story from the November 2005 issue of La Voz. Thinking of a career as an Opera singer? Click here to read La Voz' story about Lisette Oropesa, 33, American soprano and daughter of Cuban emigrants who made her SF Opera debut in December 2011.

Sonoma County AgropreneurshipEmely Hernández’ dreams are coming true because she has given herself permission to dream. If you dream of having your own business in agriculture or ranching, consider enrolling in the Sonoma County AGROpreneurship Program. Classes begin May 17, 2013. Apply online Bilingual and/or under-represented individuals are highly encouraged to apply. The Program Includes:
• Customized business training and farming/ranching practices.
• Classes – Fridays twice a month at Shone Farm.
• Field Days – Saturdays once a month at farms.
• Completing a business plan with support from SBDC counselors.
• Work experience opportunities through SRJC.
• Access to affordable farmland and other resources. Click here to read Emely's story.

Sonoma County 4HSonoma County 4H invites Latinos "To Make Their Best, Better". A recent study showed that youth engaged with 4H are:Nearly two times more likely to get better grades in school;Nearly two times more likely to plan to go to college; 41 percent less likely to engage in risky behaviors; and 25 percent more likely to positively contribute to their families and communities. Please call 707 565.2621 for more information. Joining 4-H is a three step process for adults wishing to volunteer. You must complete enrollment paperwork, attend an orientation, and complete a Livescan. If you would like information mailed to you, send an email to Please include your name, address, and telephone number. Click here to read more about 4H in the February 2013 issue of La Voz. For Ruth Gonzalez' photos of the Olivares family, click here.

Alexis VargasClick here to see photos of Alexis and friends on the La Voz Photo Gallery site. Click here for Alexis' story in HIGH resolution (larger file). Click here to read Alexis' story in LOW resolution (smaller file).
Alexis Vargas Needs Our Help!
Alexis Vargas and her cousin Cristina Garcia
were involved in a tragic accident over the holidays. Cristina lost her mother and is undergoing operations in a Texas hospital. Alexis is stranded in a Mexican hospital with serious injuries and mounting medical bills. Our community is trying to raise funds to help Alexis pay her bills in Mexico and get back home. Alexis Vargas is a Peer Leader, Tae Kwon Do Red-belt, varsity cheerleader and dancer at Elsie Allen High School. She is enrolled in the University Program and aspires to be a television broadcaster. You may donate funds to Redwood Credit Union Account #192288 under Gabriel Vargas. Please check back for upcoming fundraisers. Click here for her story in HIGH resolution. Click here to see it in LOW.

Bernstein Orthodontics See photos of Smile For A Lifetime Foundation recipients and the Bernstein Orthodontics Team. Dr. Rael Bernstein of Bernstein Orthodontics is kicking off the local chapter of Smile For A Lifetime Foundation. A funny story, a sweet reflection; a favorite song, the face of a friend–these are all events that instinctively brighten our mood and make us smile. Most of us don’t have to think about it. We express our joy as it comes. The way it was meant to be. Smiles are taken for granted. Yet there are thousands of children in the United States that fight their expression of joy every day because opening their mouth is too embarrassing and stressful. Their hands rush to their face at the first hint of a smile. Photographs are dreaded and before the click of a camera their well-trained lips form a tightlipped grimace. These children are in desperate need of orthodontic care but cannot afford the cost of
braces and treatment. Children in Sonoma County
now have an opportunity to get their smile back at no cost.For more information read our story on page 5 of our January 2013 issue (low res, smaller file) or read story in high resolution (larger file), or visit Bernstein Orthontics online at

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Rafael Vasquez ¡Líderes del futuro avanzando! Future leaders moving forward!
Humanidad Bilingual Therapy & Education Services Addressing the mental health needs of the Latinx community.

Celebrando 10 años del poder estudiantil Latinx en academia del pueblo de NBOP
*Pets: 6 questions adoptive pet parents need to ask!
*So. Co. Dept. of Health Services Behavioral Health Fair. November 9, 2023

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Arts and Crafts /Arte y artesanía

Beautiful Photos by Jeff Kan Lee. Click here for more of Jeff's photos.

MARIN COUNTY HELPFUL SERVICES FOR OLDER LATINOS. Who: Latinos 60 and older who are isolated or facing challenges accessing free services & resources.  Get expert assistance applying for Medi-Cal, CalFresh, In-Home Services, cash assistance for immigrants, meals, and referrals to other support services. Medi-Cal: Health insurance – need for IHSS. CalFresh: Supplemental funds for food. Home Services: Assistance with applying for In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) for chores and personal care. CAPI: Monthly cash assistance for immigrants. Meals:Home delivered meals & meals at community centers. Phone Calls & More: Assistance scheduling, attending, and following-up with medical appts. Reassurance phone calls and in-home friendly visits. Help navigating community resources. Connect with Christy Lopez for Assistance: (628) 587-2679 or (415) 473-2896,

CONDADO DE MARIN SERVICIOS DE AYUDA PARA LATINOS MAYORES. A quién servimos: Latinos de 60 años o más que están aislados o enfrentan dificultades para acceso a servicios y recursos gratuitos. Obtenga ayuda experta para solicitar Medi-Cal, CalFresh, Servicios de Apoyo en el Hogar, asistencia enefectivo para inmigrantes, comidas y referencias a otros servicios de apoyo. Medi-Cal: Seguro médico -necesidad de IHSS. CalFresh: Fondos suplementarios para los alimentos. Servicios a Casa: Ayuda para solicitar Servicios de Apoyo en el Hogar(IHSS) para trabajo del hogar y cuidado personal. CAPI: Ayuda mensual en dinero efectivo para inmigrantes. Comidas: Comidas a domicilio y comidas en centros. comunitarios. Llamadas y Más: Ayuda con la programación, asistencia y seguimiento de citas médicas.
Llamadas telefónicas de apoyo y visitas amistosas a domicilio. Ayuda para navegar por los recursos de la comunidad. Póngase en Contacto con Christy Lopez para Obtener Asistencia: (628) 587-2679 o (415) 473-2896,

Politics section of the La Voz Summer 2023 issue pages, 10-11! Click here for e-mag Trump Indictment! DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD! Click here to view or download a PDF for online viewing. PDF is best viewed in the two-page spread mode. Painting by Diego Marcial Rios.

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Donald J. Trump vs. The United States of America.

"La Voz is a true community/public service. I love how colorful it is. And that it is serious and humorous. I appreciate how the content ranges from art and culture to portraits and news, hyperlocal and beyond." —Marisol Muñoz-Kiehne

"La Voz es un verdadero servicio comunitario / público. Me encanta lo colorido que es. Y que es tanto serio como divertido. Aprecio cómo el contenido va desde el arte y la cultura hasta información sobre personajes notables y noticias, hiperlocal y mucho más allá
—Marisol Muñoz-Kiehne

*Arts and Crafts /Arte y artesanía / Creat a Cosmic Waterfall quilt or jacket applique /Quilt your Closet/Search for Used Fabric
stores around the world! Reuse Recycle Repurpose!

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*BECOME A CASA VOLUNTER! Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children
*Sonoma County Juvenile Justice Commission
*Department of Child Support Services
*Wildfire Safety

*Give blood with The Red Cross.

Sonoma County Juvenile Justice Commission:
Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity to improve the lives of Sonoma County youth? Consider submitting an application to the Juvenile Justice Commission. Visit our website at for more information about the commission and to submit an application.
¿Está buscando una oportunidad de voluntariado para mejorar la vida de los jóvenes del condado de Sonoma? Considere presentar una aplicación a la Comisión de Justicia Juvenil. Visite nuestro sitio web en para obtener más información sobre la comisión y enviar una aplicación.

Department of Child Support Services announces new programs to support local families. The agency unveiled new resources this week to meet the diverse needs of local families, including programs to help parents simplify child support payments, reduce child support debts, and regain driver’s licenses that have been suspended for failure to pay child support. For more information about Sonoma County Child Support Services, visit or call (866) 901-3212

For WILDFIRE SAFETY information during an emergency,

*Give blood with The Red Cross. It’s important for donors − especially type O blood donors  − to give now to ensure hospitals have the blood they need. In thanks for helping, the Red Cross is offering several incentives to donors who come out to give blood or platelets in the coming weeks.
Schedule an appointment by using the Red Cross Blood Donor App, visiting or calling 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767).

Court Appointed Special Advocates or CASAs, everyday citizens in our community who help children and youth in foster care to navigate trauma or neglect experienced and ensure that their future is more hopeful than their past. They encourage the judge and caregiving team to view the child as an individual, and they advocate for the best placement, connection to extended family, celebration of the child's heritage, and support steps towards permanency, including adoption if appropriate.
Research shows that children in foster care who have a CASA: Have better educational outcome; Are more likely to be enrolled in school; Get more educational, therapeutic and medical services; Are more likely to be re-united with their families; Are administered fewer Psychotropic medications; Spend less time in foster care.
Every day, CASAs are speaking for the best interests of children and youth in foster care, including Native American children. Become a CASA today. Sign up for an Informational Session (Orientation)

BILINGUAL VOLUNTEERS NEEDED AT THE JEWISH FREE CLINIC! The Free Clinic in Santa Rosa provides completely free care to the underserved here in Sonoma County. We are currently seeking Spanish translators and front desk volunteers to serve patients at our weekly health clinics. More information on volunteering, including our application, click here. 

Organ Donor Support Needed! saves lives… linking organ donors with people in need of kidney and other transplants. In the U.S. 22 people die each day waiting for an organ transplant …most waiting for kidneys. Considered becoming a living organ donor? Or if you're someone in need of an organ transplant visit Home of the greatest gift of all…. The gift of life. And now you don't need to donate a kidney to save a life. Donate and get a tax deduction while helping to save lives. Visit or call 800-385-0422.

FENTANYL KILLS! GAME OVER! Many street pills claim to be Oxy, Adderall or Xanax. But they’re really counterfeits designed to look just like the real thing. What’s worse, half of those pills contain a deadly dose of fentanyl, a drug 100x stronger than morphine and 50x more potent than heroine. Tell your kids about the risks of fentanyl. If a pill isn’t prescribed to them, it’s not safe for them. Fentanyl kills. More info at

Lila Downs
Lila Downs: Mexican American singer and
activist Lila Downs is adored by her many fans for staying true to her roots even while she is always moving forward. Through a long career that has
earned her multiple Grammy and Latin Grammy Awards, she now ranks as one of the most
recognizable singers in Latin alternative music. for interview in Spanish with Lila Downs by Ramon Meraz, La Voz Features Editor! Click here for text of the interview in English and Spanish.

DIFERENTES ORÍGENES NACIONALES — LOS MISMOS DERECHOS DE VIVIENDA [English below.] Es ilegal que los propietarios o los agentes inmobiliarios te nieguen la vivienda por motivos de origen étnico. La Ley de Igualdad de Vivienda prohíbe la discriminación por motivos de origen nacional. Si crees que han infringido tus derechos, haz una denuncia.
Comunícate con: Fair Housing Advocates of Northern California (415) 457-5025 / TDD: (800) 735-2922 / Se habla español. Accesible a sillas de ruedas. Servicios en los condados de Marin, y Sonoma, y en las ciudades de Fairfield y Vallejo en Solano.
Nota: Este material se basa en trabajo apoyado por el Departamento de Vivienda y Desarrollo Urbano (HUD) bajo el contrato FPEI190035. Las opiniones, hallazgos, conclusiones o recomendaciones expresadas en este material son de los autores y no reflejan necesariamente los puntos de vista de HUD.

DIFFERENT NATIONAL ORIGINS — SAME FAIR HOUSING RIGHTS It is illegal for landlords and real estate agents to deny you housing opportunities because of your ethnicity. The Fair Housing Act prohibits housing discrimination based on national origin. If you believe you may be a victim of housing discrimination, contact Fair Housing Advocates of Northern California: (415) 457-5025 / TDD: (800) 735-2922 / Se habla español. Wheelchair accessible. Serving Marin, Sonoma and some areas of Solano County.
Note: This material is based on work supported by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) under FHIP PEI Grant # FPEI190035. Any opinion, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author (s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of HUD.

Clipper Google

Santa Rosa CityBus, Petaluma Transit and Sonoma County Transit passengers can now use the Clipper mobile app, recently launched by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), to plan a trip, track the real-time arrival of public transit, and pay for the trip upon boarding with a swipe of their smartphone. By linking a Clipper Mobile account to a Google Pay or Apple Pay account smartphone users who ride any of the 24 participating Bay Area transit systems have a contactless means to pay fares on buses, trains, and ferries. Click for more info

Español Abajo.
YOUR JOURNEY TO BECOME TOBACCO FREE — MAKE IT A RESOLUTION Here’s how: Go to Kick It California’s mobile- friendly website or call 1-800-300-8086 (English) or 1-800-600-8191 (Spanish) to find out how to get a personal quit coach and make a plan customized to your circumstances to quit for good. Kick It California’s services and programs are free, in English and Spanish, accessible for all.

HAZ QUE HOY SEA EL "PRIMER DÍA" EN CAMINO A LIBRARTE DEL TABACO: QUE SEA UN PROPOSITO DE AÑO NUEVO. Esta es la manera de hacerlo: Visita el sitio web de Kick It California, también disponible para dispositivos móviles,, o llama al 1-800-300-8086 (inglés) o al 1-800-600-8191 (español) para saber cómo encontrar un guía personal para dejar de fumar y hacer un plan adaptado a tus circunstancias para dejar el tabaco definitivamente. Los servicios y programas de Kick It California son gratuitos, en inglés y español, y accesibles para todos.

American Red Cross: BLOOD EMERGENCY. Donors are strongly urged to give now to help ensure lifesaving blood products are available for patients. Your donation is needed now to prevent delays in patient care. Help overcome the severe blood shortage! Visit for more information and to make an appointment.

Please continue to visit to find out if you will be impacted by weather events. For the latest status in your area, enter an address.úe visitando para averiguar si se verá afectado por eventos climáticos. Para conocer el estado más reciente en su área, ingrese una dirección.

Victim Services

Programa de Asistencia para Víctimas y Testigos. Celebramos nuestros servicios a todas las victimas. Si usted es victima de un delito, nosotros podemos ayudar. En caso de emergencia, por favor llame al 911. Para ayuda adicional, llame a la Fiscalía a del Condado de Marin, Programa de Asistencia para Víctimas y Testigos: 415-473-5080. Usted no necesita ser residente legal para reportar un crimen.

Victim Witness Program of Marin County. We celebrate service to all victims. If you are a victim of a crime we can help. For emergencies, please call 911. For further assistance, call the Victim Witness Division at the Marin County District Attorney's Office: 415-473-5080. You don't have to be a legal resident to report a crime.

For information:

Todos Pueden Dejar de Fumar. or for English.

No FumarReady to Quit? Call 800-662-8887 or click here to enroll in free telephone counseling.


Todos Pueden Dejar de Fumar. Nosotros Podemos Ayudar. ¡haga clic aquí para leer más! Everyone Can Quit Smoking. We Can Help. Click here to read more!

Sonoma County Regional Parks have many great activities. For more information, click here. Mucha más diversión en (707) 565-2041 Sonoma County Regional Parks are offering dozens of free or low-cost activities countywide. All activity and event details are on the activities calendar at as well as an activities guide available for download in English and Spanish

Mower for SaleSOLD! ADVERTISE WITH LA VOZ! MOWER FOR SALE: 48" Husqvarna Zero Turn Commercial mower, 2006 iZ4821, model 968999256, in good condition with only 174 hours of use. Starts and runs well. $2,000 or reasonable offer.

Community Veterinary Clinic for low-income pet owners. See La Voz page 3.

HICAP (Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program). Visit our website for more information

Violence hurts us all! Help is available for crime victims and witnesses to a crime… murder of a loved one; sexual assault; hate crime; domestic violence; disclosure of a molestation; elder abuse. Sexual Assault and Elder Abuse can happen to anyone! What is sexual assault? It can include rape or attempted rape; nonconsensual sexual contact; unwanted sexual fondling or touching; forced sexual acts; sexual contact with a child or minor. For help with sexual assault or elder abuse which can be psychological, financial, physical, social or neglect, call the Victim Witness Division at the Marin County District Attorney’s Office at 415-473-5080. Spanish or English.

Le puede pasar a cualquiera. ¿Qué es acoso sexual? Puede ser: Intento de violación; contacto sexual sin consentimiento; caricias sexuales indeseadas; actos sexuales forzados; contacto sexual con menores. Fiscalía del Condado de Marin Programa de Asistencia para Victimas y Testigos. 415-473-5080.

Narcoticos Anonimos en ESPAÑOL Puede ayudar REUNIONES SON GRATIS,, Linea de ayuda 855-667-2262.

UC Master Gardener Program of Sonoma County FREE Workshop Series. Click here for information. Get sustainable home gardening advice.

Important opinion piece in La Voz June 2017, Visit to Auschwitz: The Time is Now! Reflections on immigration in the Trump era. Click here for e-mag, a new format you can read in your browser just like a magazine! Zoom in to read. Click here to view or download a PDF. Click here to see photo essay by Jay Peretz on Auschwitz.

Read La Voz current issue

Protecting You from THE BITEClick here for 8-page publication: Protecting You from THE BITE, Mosquitos, Ticks and the Zika Viru by the Marin /Sonoma Vector and Insect Control District

Elder AbuseClick here for 4-page pamphlet in Spanish: "En el condado de Sonoma, prevenir el abuso a las personas de la tercera edad signifi ca el Cuidarse a sí mismo, Cuidar a la familia y Cuidar a la comunidad." Click here for English, Preventing Elder Abuse means Caring for Self, Caring for Family, and Caring for Community

Click here for English: Beneficial insects in your garden; Haga clic aquí para leer Insectos Benéficos (espanol)

Elder Financial Abuse: Are You Protected?Elder Financial Abuse: Are You Protected? Ttips for staying safe, how to protect loved ones and resources for seniors and caregivers. Click here for English| Abuso financiero a personas de la tercera edad: ¿Usted está protegido? Haga clic aquí para Español.

Supporting Undocumented YouthClick here for "Supporting Undocumented Youth"resource guide from US Dept.of Education. how educators, schools, and campuses can better support secondary and postsecondary undocumented students. Get:
• information on DACA (the federal government’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program)
• a list of scholarships available to students regardless of their immigration status
• a list of federally funded adult education programs and • best practices for schools to follow

Revisiones anuales gratuitas de seguridad del gas. PG&E mantiene a los clientes seguros. Con el invierno a la vuelta de la esquina, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) está recordando a los clientes que programen una inspección de seguridad gratuita en el hogar para la revisión de sus aparatos de gas. Durante la visita, PG&E también encenderá nuevamente las llamas o luces de los pilotos.

Free Annual Gas Safety Checks. PG&E keeps customers safe and warm With winter right around the corner, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is reminding customers to schedule a free in-home safety inspection of their gas appliances. During the visit, PG&E also will relight pilot lights. Click here for more information.

PGE compartió el progreso. El Programa de Seguridad contra Incendios Forestales para la Comunidad de PG&E Marca Hitos Clave tanto en la Optimización de la Seguridad como en la Reducción de la Progresiva Amenaza de Incendios Forestales. Haga clic aquí para leer más.

More Than 100,000 PG&E Customers Update Contact Information, Sign up for Emergency Alerts, Prepare for Wildfires and Extreme Weather. Click here for English. Más de 100,000 clientes de PG&E actualizan la información de contacto, se inscriben para recibir alertas de emergencia y se preparan, tanto para los incendios forestales como condiciones climáticas extremas. Haga clic aquí para leer más.

PG&E has yearly savings programs! Click here for English. Haga clic aquí para leer más en expañol.
PG&E Partners with Valley CAN and IBEW to Connect Underserved Communities with Electric Vehicles. Click here for English. Haga clic aquí para leer más en expañol.
Click here
for "PG&E Insta a los Clientes a Programar Revision de Aplicaciones y Controles de Monoxido de Carbono Gratuita". Click here for "Contacting 811 before rebuilding in wildfire-impacted areas."
Haga clic aquí para leer más en expañol. Los clientes de PG&E pueden ahorrar energía y dinero incluso en invierno / Save Money and Energy this Winter. Click here to read in English.
El Nuevo Plan de Tarifas según la Hora de Consumo Haga clic aquí para leer más en expañol. New Time-of-Use Rate Plan Supports Cleaner, Reliable Grid and Enhance Choice and Control. Click here to read in English.

Happy Birthday La Voz! Beginning our 18th year in print! Click here to read Craig Davis' history of La Voz— since 2001!

Tata's gift The video Tata’s Gift was produced by Los Cenzontles, inspiring and creative.

If you are on Facebook, click here to see a video of Mariachi Sol de México singing "Bésame Mucho."

Volunteer! Opportunities

Ready to change some lives? Redwood Empire Food Bank Volunteers are critical to ending hunger in our community. An hour or two of your time is all it takes. Volunteer today at

Can you help isolated, low-income seniors in the town of Sonoma who need your support? Many are home bound and depend upon the kindness of strangers to keep them living independently. Get involved with this "invisible population." The Council on Aging nutrition program is looking for volunteer drivers to deliver meals. Hours approx. 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. days are Monday through Friday, choose a day or two!. Pick-up point at Vintage House, 264 First Street E., Sonoma. Use your own vehicle but you can be reimbursed for route mileage. Participants: good physical health and able to lift a minimum of 25 pounds. Info and to register, please contact Michele Leonard at 707 525-0143 x 147.

Make a Difference in the Life of a Cancer Patient! Each day thousands of cancer patients are faced with trying to find transportation to their life saving treatments, some are probably in your community. The American Cancer Society is committed to helping improve the quality of life for cancer patients and their families; one way we do that is by providing rides to treatment with trained American Cancer Society volunteers. If you would like to make a difference in the life of a cancer patient, consider becoming an American Cancer Society volunteer driver. For more information on how to help get a patient on the road to recovery, please call 1-800-227-2345.

Sonoma County Food Runners is created to rescue nutritious, edible, prepared food to help feed the hungry. If you would like to know more, have questions, have suggestions, would like to receive free food, like to know how the food is distributed, attend the Sonoma County Food Runners introduction. Wednesday, December 3, 2014 @ 2PM - 4PM @ The Volunteer Center of Sonoma County, 153 Stony Circle, Suite 100, Santa Rosa. To learn more about Food Runners visit: or Jaime Smedes, 707-573-3399 x115, jsmedes@

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Herman Hernandez, Person of the Month from the November, 2013 issue. Read more...

Richard Ortiz, el Personaje del Mes, PARTE 1. Haga clic aquí. Richard Ortiz, Person of the Month, Read more... 2. SECOND PART

The Four Cornerstones of Business Success / Mary Luttrell, ISO-Certified Management Consultant / Consultora de Administración Certificada por ISO
First Cornerstone: Purpose / La primera base: El Propósito
Second Cornerstone: Strategies / El Segundo Fundamento: Las Estrategias Third Cornerstone: Skills / La tercera Base: Las Habilidades

Leadership: “Whether You Want To or Not” / Liderazgo:“Si usted quiere o no quiere” Mary Luttrell, ISO-Certified Management Consultant / Consultora de Administración Certificada por ISO

COPE: Preparación para desastres en su vecindario / COPE: disaster preparedness in your neighborhood

• Aurelio Hurtado Retires
• Immigration: Sponsoring a relative, pt 3
• Lorena Ochoa
• Health: Project True Anti-tobacco
• First 5: Reading for fun!
• Red Cross Tips to stay safe in the heat
• Sex Trafficking: It's Everyone's Problem
• Sebastopol Steinway and the Piano Man
• Davis Hawn and Booster the Service Dog

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• Click here to read about Maria de Los Angeles Cornejo.
Click here to see Maria's paintings on the La Voz Flickr site.

• SF Exploratorium Opening

Panama Pacific International Exhibition MH de Young SFJewel City: Art from San Francisco’s Panama Pacific International Exhibition, October 17, 2015 – January 10, 2016, de Young Museum. Celebrating the centennial of the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition (PPIE) in San Francisco, this exhibition revisits a vital moment in the inauguration of the city as a cultural center on the West Coast. The PPIE was a world’s fair hosted by San Francisco to commemorate the opening of the Panama Canal and promoted the city’s recovery following the 1906 earthquake. At its heart was one of the most ambitious art exhibitions ever presented in the US—a comprehensive survey of American painting, sculpture and printmaking as well as European works drawn from international public and private collections. Click here to see close-up photos of the exhibit from the press preview by Ani Weaver.

CJM-NEATThis is an exhibit that will be fun for the whole family. Hands on! Make the images move! The CJM: Contemporary Jewish Museumpresents the work of nine Bay Area digital artists in NEAT: New Experiments in Art and Technology, an original exhibition that looks at the rapidly evolving relationship between artists and technology almost 50 years since the seminal 1960s Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) set out to break down barriers between artists and scientists and expand the artist’s role in Click here to see photos from the press preview and VIDEOS of the kinetic art by Ani Weaver

• Richard Diebenkorn paintings at de Young
• Rose Mandel photos at SF de Young

Botticelli to BraqueBotticelli to Braque: Masterpieces from the National Galleries of Scotland. From de Young Museum, San Francisco. Paintings include many of the major schools of art including — Italian, French and Dutch, in addition to Scottish. Many of these works have never been seen in the United States, including Sandro Botticelli’s Virgin Adoring the Sleeping Christ Child (ca. 1490), Renaissance masters Titian and Paolo Veronese; 17th century painters El Greco, Diego Velázquez, Sir Anthony van Dyck, Frans Hals, Jan Lievens, Rembrandt van Rijn and Johannes Vermeer; 19th century figures as Camille Pissarro, Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, John Singer Sargent, Paul Gauguin and Paul Cézanne. Also features celebrated Scottish painters Allan Ramsay and Sir Henry Raeburn. Click here to see vignettes of paintings from Press Preview. See hi-res full images here.

SF Legion of HonorHigh Style:
The Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection

From July 19, 2015
Legion of Honor, San Francisco. a landmark exhibition of 20th century masterworks from the Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Tracing the evolution of fashion from 1910 to 1980, High Style will reveal the breadth of this world-class collection, with seminal pieces by some of the most important American and European fashion designers from the period. “The Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection is a national treasure whose riches range from iconic rarities of haute couture to inventive sportswear by the first American women designers.” High resolution press images from the exhibition can be found here | Click here to see vignettes of fadhions from Press Preview.

Modernism at the de Young SFModernism from the National Gallery of Art: The Robert & Jane Meyerhoff Collection
Modernism from the National Gallery of Art: The Robert and Jane Meyerhoff Collection brings paintings by the great masters of the post-war world to San Francisco. The de Young will feature nearly 50 works by Ellsworth Kelly, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, and Frank Stella, among others. The de Young is the exclusive venue for this exhibition, the first of the Meyerhoff Collection outside the greater Washington, DC, and Baltimore metro areas. Click here to see vignettes from the exhibit, photos by Ani Weaver. Click here to see photos from press previews of previous exhibits in the SF Art Museum scene.

Public Intimacy SFMOMA at YBCA Public Intimacy SFMOMA at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco. Click here to see photos of the exhibit from press preview by Ani Weaver

MatisseMatisse from SFMOMA at the SF Legion of Honor museum. Off-site programming curently offered by MOMA to other museums. See photos.


Szyk HaggadahArthur Szyk and the Art of the Haggadah from the Contemporary Jewish Museum. Click here to see some of the works in the exhibit.


Georgia O'KeefeModern Nature: Georgia O’Keefe and Lake George. De Young Museum San Francisco, through May 11, 2014

These photos were taken at the Press Preview at the de Young in SF to give readers a close up view of Georgia O'Keefe's work and style, something you don't get to see very often. See exhibition photos, vignettes by Ani Weaver

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Legion of Honor Exhibit: Impressionists on the Water, June 1 through October 13, 2013

Impressionists on the Water

The Legion of Honor's big summer show, highlights the Impressionists’ and Post-Impressionists’ love affair with the rivers and seashore of France, and with the fashionable new pursuit of yachting. It features paintings, works on paper – and 19th century boat models. We explore the sparkling world of leisure and yacht racing at Argenteuil, outside Paris, and discover how artists like Monet, Renoir, Caillbotte and Toulouse-Lautrec responded in radical ways to themes of water and sailing in their work. You will have to go to the museum to see the paintings in their entirety, this is just a taste. The people shown are leading the press preview which La Voz attended. Please comment on the photos, people in the photos and your impression of our impression of the Impressionists...
Click here to read: Impressionists on the Water, article by the Legion of Honor Museum on the exhibit and more photos of the paintings.
Click here to see these photos by Ani Weaver, vignettes and close ups.

The Errand of the Eye: Photographs by Rose Mandel at the de Young Museum
June 22–October 13, 2013

Rose Mandel

Click here to see more photos of by Rose Mandel. The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco are pleased to announce The Errand of the Eye: Photographs by Rose Mandel, the first full assessment of this dynamic artist. From the late 1940s through the early 1970s, RoseMandel produced an original and poignant body of photographs, working closely with and among many of the Bay Area’s best-known artists including Richard Diebenkorn, Elmer Bischoff, Ansel Adams, and Minor White. Though lauded by her contemporaries and featured in significant exhibitions and publications during her lifetime, her work remains little known. Click here to read more about Rose Mandel and the exhibit.

Richard Diebenkorn: The Berkeley Years, 1953–1966 at the de Young Museum
June 22 – September 29, 2013

Diebenkorn Exhibit

Richard Diebenkorn: The Berkeley Years, 1953–1966, will be the first exhibition to explore in-depth the work produced by Diebenkorn between 1953 and 1966, when he lived in Berkeley, California. The presentation will include over 130 of the artist’s paintings and drawings assembled from collections across the country, many of them rarely or never before seen in public exhibitions. Diebenkorn’s engagement with the unique settings of the Bay Area, along with his personal history, ties this exhibition deeply to the region. Click here to read more about the exhibit. Click here to see more photos from the exhibit on our gallery.

A 15th-century stone sculpture created in Mexico of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl from the exhibit; Objects of Belief from the Vatican: Art of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas at the de Young Museum. February 9–September 8, 2013
Click here
to see a preview of the exhibit in the
La Voz Photo Gallery. Or visit

Objects of Belief from the vast holdings of the Vatican Ethnological Museum, the de Young displayed 39 rarely seen works from Africa, Oceania, and Americas reflecting indigenous religious cultures.
Click here
to see photos from the exhibit.

Rudolph NureyevRudolph Nureyev: A Life in Dance
Click here
to see photos from the exhibit.

Girl with a Pearl Earring: Dutch Paintings
from the Mauritshuis - at the De Young Museum in San Francisco. Exhibit runs from January 26 - June 2, 2013
. Click here to see a preview of the exhibit in the La Voz Photo Gallery. Or go to for more information.

Girl with a Pearl EarringJohannes Vermeer's enigmatic Girl with a Pearl Earring has intrigued art lovers for centuries. See this masterpiece and more than 30 others by artists of the Dutch Golden Age including Rembrandt, Hals, and Steen;from the collection of the Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis in this exclusive West Coast presentation at San Francisco's de Young Museum.

Danny Lyon Photographer
Click here to see selections from "This World is Not My Home: Photographs by Danny Lyon" which was at at the De Young Museum through January 27, 2013. La Voz saw this exhibit and thought it was valuable enough to feature on our website. La Voz encourages it's readers to Google Danny Lyon and read about his amazing ability to capture live with his camera.

William S. Paley CollectionClick here to see selections from The William S. Paley Collection: A Taste for Modernism, last year at the deYoung Museum in SF.El Museo de Arte Moderno de San Francisco (SFMOMA) Cindy Sherman, Photographer and “Stage Presence”

Cindy ShermanCindy Sherman, Untitled #465, 2008; chromogenic
color print; 63 3/4” x 57 1/4" courtesy the artist and Metro Pictures, New York; © 2012 Cindy Sherman. Uno de los Retratos de la Sociedad* de Shermans/ One of Sherman’s Society Portraits Click here for fabulous Cindy Sherman images. La Voz attended her show and we were really impressed with her photographs and talent! Click here for a downloadable PDF which is a transcript of the audioscript for the SFMOMA show. Read about what the curators have to say about the photographs.

Cindy Sherman, con una retrospectiva viajera de una de las artistas contemporáneas más importantes y posiblemente una de las que han tenido mayor influencia trabajando exclusivamente con la fotografía. Durante 30 años, Sherman se ha fotografiado asimisma bajo un amplio rango de apariencias y personajes que se convierten en fascinantes e inquietantes, desagradables y conmovedores.
Cindy Sherman, a traveling retrospective of one of the most significant contemporary artists and arguably the most influential one working exclusively with photography. For thirty years, Sherman has photographed herself in a range of guises and personas that are by turns amusing and disturbing, distasteful
and affecting.

Stage Presence SFMOMA
© James Coleman, Photograph (still), 1998–99; projected images with synchronized audio narration, 20 minutes.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) blurred the line between fine arts and performing arts with its exhibition Stage Presence: Theatricality in Art and Media, which ended in October, 2012. Organized by Curator of Media Arts Rudolf Frieling, the exhibition presents works in a variety of media and features a series of performances that explore the influence of theater, dance, and performance in contemporary art.
Stage Presence gathered three decades of works by 40 artists including some key works from the SFMOMA media arts collection, all of which embrace theatricality in contemporary art practice. Exuberant manifestations of the “stage” emerge, such as beauty pageants; a dance troupe in post-punk London; artists dressed as a bear and a rat walking through the Swiss Alps; and a family occupying in-store Ikea model rooms. Some of the works are humorous and camp, while others are critical and subversive.

Man Ray Lee Miller Exhibit FAMSF
Lee Miller by Man Ray Man Ray by Lee Miller
Click here to see larger images of Lee Miller's neck by Man Ray and Man Ray's portrait by Lee Miller

Previously exhibited at the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco.
Man Ray and Lee Miller lived together in Paris from
1929 to 1932, first as teacher and student, later as
lovers, and finally as collaborators. Man Ray, already an established member of the French avant-garde, was a leading figure of the Surrealist movement— the loose association of artists and writers who rose to prominence after the First World War by making provocative combinations out of ordinary things. Miller, who was just starting her career, sought out Man Ray as a mentor. Although their time together was short, the professional and personal inspiration they shared resulted in some of the most powerful work of each artist’s career.

Renaissance Masters

The De Young Museum in San Francisco hosted the Renaissance Painters of Passion and Power from the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. Over fifty paintings by some of the most well-known Venetian painters from the sixteenth-century including Giorgione, Titian, Tintoretto, Andrea and Mantegna. These works are considered to be some of the most celebrated European art collections. The exhibit has closed but you can
click here to see close up photos and details
of the paintings
taken at the Press Preview
by Ani Weaver.

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Fiscal Year (FY) 2024-2025 Annual Action Plan and the Substantial Amendment to the FY 2021-2022 Action Plan 30-Day Public Comment Period
A draft of the Sonoma County 2020-2025 Consolidated Plan FY 2024-2025 One Year Action Plan (Action Plan) and FY 2021-2022 Action Plan Substantial Amendment have been prepared and are available for review and comment from February 16, 2024, to March 18, 2024.  Projects included in the FY 2024-2025 Action Plan and the Substantial Amendment to the FY 2021-2022 Action Plan for federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME), Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) and HOME American Rescue Plan (HOME-ARP) funding address one or more of the specific objectives outlined in the 2020-2025 Consolidated Plan and will benefit predominantly low- and moderate-income persons.
The FY 2024-2025 Action Plan and the Substantial Amendment to the FY 2021-2022 Action Plan are available for review on the Sonoma County Community Development Commission website at sonomacounty. . Hard copies are available upon request. Submit comments by email to or in writing to the Sonoma County Community Development Commission, ATTN: Valerie Johnson, 1440 Guerneville Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95403, until 5:00 p.m. on March 18, 2024. Adoption of the FY 2024-2025 Action Plan and the Substantial Amendment to the FY 2021-2022 Action Plan is scheduled for April 30, 2024, at 8:30 a.m. by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors. Written and oral comments received during the 30-day comment period will be forwarded to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development with the Action Plan and Substantial Amendments.  For more information, contact Valerie Johnson, Community Development Associate, at 707-565-7514 (TDD 565-7555).

Plan de Acción Anual Año Fiscal 2024-2025 y la Enmienda Sustancial al Plan de Acción Año Fiscal 2021-2022
Periodo de comentario público - 30 días
El plan provisional conocido como el Plan Consolidado Año Fiscal 2020-2025 del Condado de Sonoma (Plan de Acción) de un año para el Año Fiscal 2024-2025 y la Enmienda Sustancial al Plan de Acción Año Fiscal 2021-2022 han sido preparados y están disponibles para revisión y comentarios desde el 16 de Febrero de 2024 hasta el 18 de Marzo 2024. Todos los proyectos incluidos en el Plan de Acción Año Fiscal 2024-2025 y la Enmienda Sustancial al Plan de Acción Año Fiscal 2020-2021 para la Subvención en Bloque para el Desarrollo Comunitario (CDBG), el Programa de Asociación de Inversión HOME (HOME), la Subvención de Soluciones de Emergencia (ESG) y los fondos del Plan de Rescate Americano HOME (HOME-ARP) abordan uno o más de los objetivos específicos descritos en el Plan Consolidado 2020-2025 y beneficiarán predominantemente a las personas de ingresos bajos y moderados.
El Plan de Acción Año Fiscal 2024-2025 y la Enmienda Sustancial al Plan de Acción Año Fiscal 2021-2022 están disponibles para revisión a partir del Viernes 16 de Febrero de 2024 en el sitio web de la Comisión de Desarrollo Comunitario del Condado de Sonoma en community-development-commission/plans-policies-and-reports . Copias imprimidas están disponible bajo petición.
Los comentarios se pueden enviar por correo electrónico a o por escrito a la Comisión de Desarrollo Comunitario del Condado de Sonoma, ATTN: Valerie Johnson, 1440 Guerneville Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95403, hasta las 5:00 PM del el 18 de Marzo 2024.
La adopción del Plan de Acción Año Fiscal 2024-2025 y la Enmienda Substancial al Plan de Acción Año Fiscal 2021-2022 está programada para el 30 de Abril de 2024, a las 8:30 AM por la Junta de Supervisores del Condado de Sonoma. Los comentarios escritos y orales recibidos durante el período de comentarios de 30 días se enviarán al Departamento de Vivienda y Desarrollo Urbano de los Estados Unidos con el Plan de Acción y Enmiendas Sustanciales. Para más información, comuníquese con Valerie Johnson, Asociada de Desarrollo Comunitario, al 707-565-7514 (TDD 565-7555).

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Assessment
30-Day Public Comment Period ends March 11.
A draft of the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) assessment, formerly known as the Assessment of Fair Housing, for the participating jurisdiction of Sonoma County is now available for public review. The draft AFFH is a requirement from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) of all participating jurisdictions of federal grant programs.
Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968, known as the Fair Housing Act, requires HUD and recipients of federal funds from HUD to affirmatively further the policies and the act. This means that Sonoma County must take meaningful actions to combat discrimination, overcome patterns of segregation, and foster inclusivity in the community and thereby remove barriers that restrict access to opportunity based on protected characteristics: race, color, national origin, religion, sex (including gender identity and sexual orientation, familial status, and disability. The AFFH assessment must determine who lacks access to opportunity and address inequities identified among protected class groups, promote integration, reduce segregation, and transform racially or ethically concentrated areas of poverty into areas of opportunity. Click here for more information, how to submit comment and public hearing. Spanish translation included.

Afirmativamente Promoviendo Evaluación de Viviendas Justas termina el 11 de marzo.
Período de comentarios públicos de 30 días
La evaluación de como el Condado de Sonoma esta Afirmativamente Promoviendo Viviendas Justas (APVJ) ya está disponible para revisión pública. El proyecto de APVJ es un requisito del Departamento de Vivienda y Desarrollo Urbano (HUD) de los EE.UU de todas las jurisdicciones participantes del programa federal de financiación.
El Título VIII de la Ley de Derechos Civiles de 1968, conocida como la Ley de Vivienda Justa, requiere que HUD y los participantes de fondos federales de HUD promuevan afirmativamente las políticas y la ley. Esto significa que el Condado de Sonoma debe tomar medidas significativas para combatir la discriminación, superar segregación, y promover la inclusión en la comunidad y así eliminar las barreras que restringen el acceso a oportunidades basadas en características protegidas: raza, color, origen nacional, religión, sexo (incluyendo identidad de género y orientación sexual), estado familiar y discapacidad. La evaluación de APVJ debe determinar quién carece de acceso a las oportunidades y combatir desigualdades identificadas entre los grupos de clase protegidos, promover la integración, reducir la segregación y transformar las zonas de concentración de raza o etnicidad en zonas de oportunidades. Haga clic aquí para más información, cómo presentar comentarios y audiencia pública. Español debajo del inglés.

Expanding Your Horizons 2024

SANTA ROSA JUNIOR COLLEGE ¡APRENDE A TU MANERA! Inscríbete hoy Las clases de primavera empiezan el 16 de enero WWW.SANTAROSA.EDU

Clipper Pay with Phone


Company Name: Small Vines Viticulture
Position/Title: Farm Tractor Operator
Job location:  Sebastopol/Sonoma County
Industry Category: Vineyard & Winery
This position is a full-time agricultural tractor operator, using various implements, and driving a pick-up with trailer to deliver equipment to various vineyard locations. Click here to read full job description and how to apply. [3/2]

Nombre de la empresa: Pequeñas Viñas Viticultura (Small Vines Viticulture)
Cargo/Titulo: Operador de tractor agrícola
Lugar de trabajo:                              Sebastopol/Condado de Sonoma
Categoría industrial: Viñedos y Bodegas
Este puesto es de operador de tractor agrícola a tiempo completo, utilizando varios implementos, y conduciendo una pick-up con remolque para entregar el equipo a varias ubicaciones de viñedos. Haga clic aquí para leer la descripción completa del puesto y cómo presentar su candidatura. [3/2]

Comience Su Carrera Ganadora
Carreras Estupendas Con Increíbles Beneficios
• Excelente Salario Inicial
• Beneficios de Sin Costo Para Los Miembros del Equipo
•  Contribuciones Equivalentes en el 401(k)
•  Reembolso de Colegiaturas
•  Programa de Ciudadanía Para Residentes
•  Bonificación Anual Por Servicio al Cliente de Hasta $4,000
•  ¡Y Muchos Más!
Presente su solicitud en línea hoy mismo. Hay diversos puestos disponibles.
US 101 TO EXIT 484  288 Golf Course Dr. West | Rohnert Park, CA | 707.588.7100

SONOMA COUNTY LIBRARY Are you passionate about the library and looking for the next step in your career? We have amazing opportunities at Sonoma County Library! Sonoma County Library is committed to diversity and inclusion in the recruiting and hiring of staff. For more information on careers with Sonoma County Library, please visit our Careers page
Click for a complete listing of available jobs.

Click here for new jobs with the County of Sonoma listed below.

CITY OF SANTA ROSA Employment opportunities! We are hiring! The City of Santa Rosa is currently hiring for multiple positions across many departments! Come join us and make a difference in a culturally diverse, family-focused city in the heart of Sonoma County. With robust benefits and retirement package and opportunities to challenge yourself and grow, the City of Santa Rosa is the premiere place to begin, develop, and advance your career.

For jobs below with the City of Santa Rosa, complete details, minimum qualifications, benefits, to apply online and see other current job opportunities visit

*Information Technology Supervisor
$98,286 - $126,207 Annually, Closing 2/25/2024

*Sustainability Coordinator. $8,077 - $10,479.17 Monthly , Closing 2/26/2024

*Wastewater Operator I/II. $79,423  - $96,133  Annually, Closing 2/27/2024

*Wastewater Operator Trainee. $4,800.67 - $6,411.58 Monthly, closing 2/27/2024

*Associate Civil Engineer (TPW) $114,550.00 - $139,234.00/Yr. Closing date: Continuous until filled [3/1]

*Payroll Specialist: $61,154.00 - $74,165.00/Yr. Closing date. Continuous until filled [2/28]

COUNTY OF SONOMA job opportunities listed below. Join our team! Great career opportunities! Complete details, minimum qualifications, benefits and to apply online, visit or phone HR at 707-565-2331. EOE. Sonoma County is currently recruiting to fill many open positions in a variety of full-time, part-time, and temporary employment opportunities, including internships. A list of open jobs can be viewed at The county offers competitive salaries; a comprehensive benefits package including reimbursement for staff development and wellness; hybrid/remote work options for many positions; a robust workforce development program; flexible schedules; paid family leave; opportunities to work on innovative and community-centered projects; and recruitment and selection processes that emphasize equitable hiring. NEW JOBS*

*District Attorney Investigator II $9,997 - $12,152/Mo.* Starting salary negotiable up to $69.87/hour ($145,827/year) and a competitive total compensation package! *Salary is negotiable within the established range. Apply by 2/29/24

*Job Link Program Planning and Evaluation Analyst - $7,755 - $9,426/mo. Put your analytical skill set to work for the County of Sonoma!  Starting salary up to $54.20/hr. ($113,121/year) + a competitive total compensation package! Apply by 3/04/24

*Deputy Emergency Services Coordinator $7,421 - $9,019/mo. Are you an emergency management professional seeking a meaningful and rewarding career path? Join the County of Sonoma's Department of Emergency Management team! Salary is negotiable within the established range. Apply by 2/27/24.

*Licensed Vocational Nurse I & II - $5,144 - $6,637/mo. The Department of Health Services is currently seeking a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) to join their team.  Join them in promoting health and wellness in our community! Apply by 3/04/24

*Water Agency Design Engineer III - $12,272 - $14,915/mo. The Sonoma County Water Agency (Sonoma Water) is seeking a qualified Design Engineer! Apply by 2/27/24

*Supervising Employment and Training Counselor $7,755 - $9,426/mo. Help members of our community reach their career goals. Become a Supervising Employment and Training Counselor with the County of Sonoma! Salary is negotiable within the established range. Apply by 2/26/24.

*Chef - $5,085 - $6,181/mo. Become a Chef with the HSD Valley of the Moon Children’s Center (VMCC). Starting salary up to $35.54/hr! Apply by 2/27/24

*Legal Secretary I - Bilingual (English/Spanish) $4,616 - $5,610/mo. Plus an additional $1.50/hr fluent bilingual pay! Do you have experience working in a legal office and have fluent bilingual (English/Spanish) and administrative skills? If so, Apply Now! [3/11]

*Bilingual Clerk-Recorder-Assessor Specialist - $4,292 - $5,217/mo. Do you have a passion for customer service and a fluency in English and Spanish? If so, join our team for a rewarding career in public service! Apply by 2/22/24.

*Child Support Attorney I & II $10,473 - $13,929/mo. The Sonoma County Department of Child Support Services seeks dedicated, and passionate attorney to join their team! Salary is negotiable within the established range. Apply by 2/23/24.

Deputy Public Defender I, II, III, & IV - $10,506 - $17,867/mo. Advance your legal career and bring your passion for public service to the Public Defender's Office. Bilingual (English/Spanish) skills are highly desired! Apply Now [3/2]

Parks and Grounds Maintenance Worker I - Extra-Help $25.48 - $30.96/Hr* Multiple Extra-Help positions available. *Salary is negotiable within the established range. Apply Now [2/28]

 Santa Rosa City Schools Announces Employment Opportunities! Join our team and help shape the future for our amazing students. We have the following openings for you to consider. Visit and search "Santa Rosa City Schools" for complete details and expiration dates as most jobs are "open until filled." EOE

EGUSD now hiringElk Grove Unified School District is committed to providing every child a quality education in a safe environment. We cannot do this alone, and the support of parents, staff, and our community is vitally important to the success of our students. Working together, we can ensure that all of our children are prepared to be successful workers, family members, and citizens.